Gnomes treasure vaults

Has anyone been able to fined any keys to the gnome treasure vault



Scattered through the other 8 or 9 threads about this question, you’ll find a few people who post their screenshots of getting rewards. In general, it’s people who play the game a lot. That’s how rare drops work: grind for 12+ hours daily and you see it. Play for 2-3 hours a day and you’ll see them at roughly 1/6 the rate they’re getting it.

It seems like the grinders get them once per day, so most people are going to see them once per week or less.

It’s not content for us filthy casuals.


It’s my dad he plays it all the time about 8-9 hours a week and the weekend 10 hours maybe lol


Played 14 hours a day since the update, got 2 vault keys. I wouldn’t suggest that do anybody though. A great waste of time and energy. Does not worth so many hours for such low rewards.

What I would suggest, is let it be, and at some point, it will come to anybody who plays the game … and maybe no matter the reward, it will be a moment of extra joy since is something rare.


Ummmm but he’s only level 386 so he can’t have been doing that for very long so far…


Odds are approximately 1 in 2,500 matches to get a vault key. Just wait for the gnome vault event.


That’s not my dads level bro it’s his Opponents my dads at level 498

a few of us in my guild have seen one or two, they are pretty rare.

I wouldn’t even bother looking if I was you, the rewards are worse than terrible.