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Gnome-a-Palooza reward formula

We expect nothing but blocks in what is now pay to win tripe.

I just did a g-a-p and it looks like vault key drops were cut in half.

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Heard from another player getting a total of over 80 vault keys from 4 GaP, which seems to be about the same as previously.


I feel like verse gnomes may have disappeared though.

I got 44 keys from 2 GaP, which seems normal too. But the verse gnomes are nowhere to be found. I just feel lucky to have them all in my inventory already.

I did a Palooza explore 1 with 44 played games giving me 4 gems, 27,210 souls, 3585 glory, 31,691 gold. Battle rewards included. Team score 12,807. 12 vault keys and 3 epics!

I’m not quite happy with the formula yet. Doing a bit more data analysis, the speed based reduction seems to happen in exactly 2% increments, which suggests a divisor of 50 instead of 60. There might be some rounding artifact involved that causes larger leaps at some points, so far I haven’t seen one.

This may either mean that battles already reach max rewards at 50 seconds or that time taken doesn’t always apply exactly as one unit per second. It seems to allow some edge cases where reward payout is slightly higher than anticipated. If someone has some glory or soul reward numbers from explore 12 GaP battles that took close to 50 - 55 seconds, please post, those would be helpful to home in on this.

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Anybody who does only 15 battles on purpose is nerfing themselves of vk’s AND all the “other stuff” compared to last event. (15 sets of full rewards compared to 60 or more last event)

Anybody who does battles as fast as possible is getting the SAME amount of vk’s as last event and getting nerfed ONLY in “other stuff”.

The case is clear imho. Do as many battles as you possibly can.


They’re around! but at a low rate it seems. I got three (!) from the Adventure Board last night; a couple more from PvP battles when I was pet gnome hunting; just got one from Explore.

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If anything the overall gnome rate seems low? Not seeing much of anything. but that may well be bitterness and streaky RNG speaking.

It’s somewhat more tricky outside of vault weekends. You could do fast battles when seeing gnomes you don’t want rewards from and slow battles when you see gnomes you definitely want rewards from. Allows you to maximize resources you want while minimizing those you don’t want.

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Timing to 50-55 seconds
Souls - 2500; 1000; 1000; 5000; 5000; 2500
Glory - 1000; 200; 200; 200; 200; 500

Timing to about 45 seconds:
Souls - 2400
Glory - 920; 920

Timing to about 35 seconds:
Souls - 720


I would really like to see that 6 battles per minute team for a full GAP. Between multiple loading screens and gnome animations I’m just shy of 5 battles per minute with ss/dd/x2 ironhawk.
I’m also consistently seeing 8% vault key drop (not including pity keys, these are from actual battles) & 10% epic key drop.
While 2% may not seem too bad, that’s over 20 vault keys short in two hours.

Time measurement includes part of the roundtrip, so your actual timing is probably slightly higher.

No reduction, so the threshold is likely somewhat lower than 60 seconds.

Probably 48 seconds for souls and 46 seconds for glory, based on division by 50.

Probably 36 seconds for souls, based on division by 50.

Thanks, looks good.

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VK/EVK drops were consistently around 8% during the last vault weekend as well, so nothing has changed on this front.

Hopefully, it averages better over several Paloozas.

If the vault key drop rate is supposed to 8%, then yes. But I thought it was supposed to be 10%. Am I wrong?

It’s slightly skewed, verse gnomes can’t drop vault keys. Or might even count as vault key drop.

OK, I see what you are saying, but in 10 GAPs, i have had exactly 3 verse gnomes. That can’t have skewed it that much.

They nerfed the rate at which verse gnomes show up during GaP. If they are linked in some way to those 10% it might have reduced the overall chance to 8%. Just some wild guessing though, this would require a lot more data to analyze. Maybe the base chance for vault keys is just 0.8%.