Gnome vault rewards

As I’m using a lot of gnome vault keys I’m noticing diamonds seem to only be rewarded as 2 or 6? Anyone got higher today?

hmm seems low I normally avoid opening VK on a vault weekend I instead spend the time getting more keys. Is there perhaps a GAP currently active for you? Only thing I can think of that may lower the rewards.

Regular treasure gnomes only drop a small number at a time. Cedric should drop more if he is dropping diamonds

I can check on the vault data collection sheet that a lot of people have entered data into tomorrow for you and show you all the different amounts that were collected.

Edit, just seen you asked for todays drops, this info will be no use sorry as it’s from past vault weekends

That’s OK thanks guys just seemed a lot lower than usual, I’ll wait to spend my keys after the weekend :+1:

Anyone seen “The Fool” or “The Lovers” cards in drop table?

Yes, I’ve had copies of the lovers from vault rewards


The fool is not going to be in the drop table yet they always take at minimum 3-4 weeks after a campaign ends to be placed in the vault drop table and they announce it in the news section when they have been added to the vault.

And for an example of how it is announced in the news when added to the drop table.

So if you read the news posts on release you can see when it is added but it will always be at least 3-4 weeks or in the case of the kingdom pass it was 3-4 months after being available before being given the chance to get it for free.


We have seen Magician in the table drop, about on the … week of Gobmother campaign if i remember correctly

I check better on various source. It was the fifth week


I have been getting a lot of gnome cards drop from the vault. Longest streak was 7 gnome cards in a row. And it’s more than 50% from all drops. Maybe just a bad RNG. Hope they didn’t nerf the vault rewards. Have they ever published any numbers on vault drops? I remember last vault event gnome cards didn’t drop at this high rate.

No, they haven’t published drop rates, which was a point of contention for people who spent ages hunting for Heart of Rage. I did a hundred or so vault keys yesterday, didn’t get an unusual number of gnome drops. Sounds like bad RNG

Thanks for confirming. So yeah maybe just bad luck.

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