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Gnome-a-Palooza reward formula

Oh yeah, of course. :rofl: My question confused me too. I was thinking there were too many soul gnomes so 3 ironhawks + DD will be slower than with SS and DD combination.

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So wait, you want us to play inefficiently so we don’t screw over the rewards we spend our time trying to be the most efficient at getting?

I was in. I am out again. You keep ruining the good shit that you put in the game because “waaaah we can’t make money this way” and frankly? That’s the kind of mindset that utterly IMPLODES your game. When the whales start f’ing off just because the game’s reached the fatal point between fun and profitability…your game is going to die. It’s gonna happen to Puzzle Slopfest 3 because you keep f’ing up the progression on that, and it’s gonna happen to this game because you can’t keep the microtransaction dick in your pants, as it were.

You ruined Explore by not keeping it the way it was.
You ruined Arena when you took out Hero Weapons from the party builder. The strategy involved with picking your team is a welcome change because to hell with ‘Dawnbreaker go brrrr’, but you haven’t done shit with it otherwise.
You ruined Treasure Hunt by paradoxically not TOUCHING Treasure Hunt; it was the map currency acquisition rates that you messed with.

I apologize for that one.

You ruin PVP every single time you release more troops.
You ruined class leveling when you changed how Explore works.
You ruined the story because the way battles will be scaling due to the newer troops is going to either be a cliff edge or a ride on a flat conveyor belt.
You ruined mastery roleplaying due to the two sets of Guild Statues.
You ruined guilds when you ruined PVP and now only the most dedicated groups get anywhere.
You…well, Guild Wars was always a clusterf**k.
You ruined Delves due to the sheer number of factions and the fact that true faction team delves may well be impossible.
You ruin gnomes every time the spawn rate is too high.
And now you ruined both them and the GAPs because you’re more concerned about profit than player engagement that doesn’t involve trying to metagame around the bullshit you used to stop people from trying to metagame.
what’s left? Campaigns? You ruined those with the stupid battle pass system!
And don’t even talk to me about the Shrine system.

You ruined every single mode you have because you wanna chrome-plate your money printer and make it go brrrr while people suffer from long-standing issues you refuse to address. I can’t be a part of the ga me when I have nothing to like about the game! I won’t ask for my characters to be executed or for my forum profile to be deactivated, but this game has become a husk of what it should be. And people wonder why I play WWE Champions instead.


how many test runs people did to bring out that formula?


Not many, people are understandably reluctant to craft GaP outside of vault events. @Shadowfeld contributed several dozen data points on the Gems of War Community Discord, which have been incredibly helpful to narrow this down. There’s still some eyeballing involved, the “speed” part so far seems to hold true, the “easy” part is trickier, we don’t know the exact team score attributed to AI explore teams. Unfortunately it’s all handled server side, so it can only be observed, not data mined.

Funny part is jewels and chaos shard drops. Jewels never get reduced, it’s always 20. Chaos shards get reduced much harsher than expected, even when playing in a way where all other gnomes rewards drop the full amount. Something probably got messed up there.


thanks for answer. yes i saw the data from Shadowfeld and especially the chaos shards from E12 and the jewels from Jewel Gnome, so i was wondering if the formula is mainly for the scaling of gold and souls and maybe glory.

It’s for the rewards dropped by gnomes. You also get the standard battle rewards on top, without any scaling applied, so that skews the aggregated gold numbers a bit.

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The “microtransaction dick” is something the playerbase requested in the past. Back in those days the only purchases you could make were big-ticket items like Deathknight armor, paths to progress, or packs of gems. The players asked for more stuff in the $2-5 range, and the devs complied.

Essentially, I don’t blame the devs for giving us what we asked for.


I think with chaos shards it is probably intentional and here’s why. Last Gap I got more than I would in a Tuesday event x maybe 5, plus after 40 or so EVK (Daemon Gnome drops 20-100 shards every time). I decided I didn’t need to do the Tuesday event for the past 3 weeks and I’m still + in Shards from the last Gap. They would not want that to continue I guess.

It also correlates with their big picture with delves.


There’s a difference between offering players small things to buy and trying hardcore to monetize every aspect of the game.

It’s not that people complain about small offers but about making it hard to play for those who do t want to pay to advance faster or get something nice - or even just buy something to support the game.


Is there some way to know your opponents team score in explore? What level explore would grant 100% rewards?

I’m going to estimate level 25, where it might take you a minute per battle :crazy_face:

Otherwise said: High levelled players are f… well you know what :wink:
I’m a level 1600 and any team/player I meet (or almost any team/player) is bound to have a lower ranked team than the one I throw in.
Well … thanks a lot devs … you once more bit long time players in the a… sorry … behind :unamused:


If anyone cares, just “cracked” the team power formula for a given troop.

  • Each level is worth counts 35
  • Traits are worth 50, 150, 250, respectively (or 450 total)
  • Each rarity beyond common adds 25

Level 1 common with no traits = 35 (just level)
Level 1 rare with no traits = 35 + 25 = 60
Level 20 mythic with all traits = 20 × 35 + 25 x 5 + 50 + 150 + 250 = 1275
Level 150 enemy (explore 12) = 150 x 35 + 125 + 450 = 5825

That means that the power of an explore 12 team is 23300 (4x 5825)

For comparison, a level 50 (explore 6) would have 2325 per enemy, or total of 9300.

PS: I have purposely not calculated the user or pvp team calculations because those show up.


I hope they are not going to offer players verses to buy unless they also Nerf the price down because the value just went south.


You forgot about war coins. No grand fathering or the people already completing the kingdoms. Dumb.


Courtesy: @Velmont from Gary/Hawx Discord server.

Another one as a follow-up…


Oh, I didn’t mention those because for like, 95% of the playerbase, they’re not even relevant.

Can’t wait for the adventure board, pet, dungeon changes… You cleared those levels too fast. We are taking away the 4 times for the top 1%.


That wont happen since then everyon drops the game since no one wants to waste dozen of time to just do one or two clicks.