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Gnome-a-Palooza reward formula

Would not surprise me at all that verse gnomes could have dropped the rate to 8% and the devs wouldn’t even know.
In which case… Yay, I’m average! (That’s actually coming out ahead in this game).

As far as I can tell, yes. I’ve seen nothing that suggests that the vault key drop rate is 10%.

I don’t think they’ve ever explicitly stated what Vault Key rate is supposed to be. (Looking at my Vault Key drops this year - 10,2%; 6,7%; 8,7%; 8,2%; 7,8%)

What they said was that epic keys should be 10% of all Vault key drops. (Again, my numbers from this year - 0%; 13,6%; 3,2%; 6,7%; 16,7% - and one can see they jump all over the place simply because sample size usually is far too small to home in to stated drop rate.)

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From 500 fights:
42 Total Gnomes (% 8.6)
16 Band Gnomes (%3.3)
2 VK (%0.4)

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Regular vault key rate had been changed from last event. I was averaging 15-20 last time. Now its 9 - 11. Another nerf they did not mention.

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This is a random anecdotes and isn’t evidence. For example, I have gotten no less than 25 vault keys/Epic vault keys for each GaP I played today. It’s called RNG. You’re unfortunately just having bad luck, it isn’t indicative of turning down the drop rate.

Now if the data collected from hundreds of different players tracking their drop rates bore out your guess and I was an outlier, it would be a different story.

Sometimes it’s just bad luck and not a nefarious decision. :man_shrugging:


B. S. on no less than 25. What dream world are you in.

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OK, feel free to disbelieve me then. The fact remains that isolated anecdotal evidence is not proof of a change to drop rates. I know people are pissed about the nerf, but it’s also B.S. to claim all kinds of unbacked up ideas.

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I have facts based on the two runs. Lets see your no less than 25 drop rate. Post your count, do a run and post a pic 15 mins later. You are saying 1/3 to 1/2 of your battles drop keys. B. S.

And I have counts based on 3 runs. It’s not a pissing contest between the two of us to suggest that RNG is a primary factor here.

All five of our combined runs are a tiny sample size that means nothing. I’ll freely admit I could be a total outlier on the high side. You know what would prove that? Lots and lots of people precisely tracking their numbers so that there is a very large sample size so an average drop rate could be found.

Also, your math is wrong. 4 gnomes a battle, averaging roughly 4 battles a minute with an efficient quick kill team, x 15 minutes of the event is 240 gnomes. Let’s be generous and say 220 gnomes due to longer battles sometimes. 25 keys (combining regular and epic counts together)/220 x 100 is 11.36% drop rate, not 33-50%. Multiple keys can and do drop during a single battle.

All this to say, these are individual experiences that can easily be explained by RNG variance.


I’ve done 20 GAPs today. I’m averaging 17.5 vault keys & 2.25 Epics per GAP. That’s a rat’s whisker under 20.
And yes, I’ve had multiple over 20 & multiple under 20. More under 20 obviously.


Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how stuff shakes out. I definitely think I was on the lucky side.

Also, goddamn 20 GAP? I have a hard time doing way less than that before I start to get tendon pain in my mouse arm from repetitive stress clicking as fast as possible. I’m impressed by the dedication to the grind.

If the devs are insistent on making keeping this illogical cap, can I make a request?

To create a game mode where the game isn’t telling me that anything I can fight is too easy for me; that I should stop being a wimp and fight something harder?

I’ve done 30 so far. I’m averaging 19.2 VK & 2.05 EVK.

Based on how many gnomes I’ve killed total I’m averaging 64.9 battles per GAP. My highest was 68.

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3 gaps for me. Averaging 19-20 vault keys, occasional epic vault key, between 18-20% of the normal resources otherwise. That’s with 56, 57 and 58 battles per gap or around 4/min.

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@Fleg and you are a reason we all got nerfed. Thanks for ruining it for the non elite. They should just nerf people like you. Or reset all the verses at the end of an event for people like you.

If the reward nerf for non-VK items is based around a 50 second timer, is it actually possible to ever exceed more than a theoretical (assuming no menu or other loading times…) 1.2x (realistically less and closer to just 1x) the rewards of a person playing 1 battle per minute, with regards to this statement? Obviously VKs can be more.

Before you talk you should think. 65 Battle per 15min is about 4,333 battles per min. Thats slower than 5-5,2 bpm which seems to be the max.
Furthermore fleg is not the reason since we top players warned dev before they realized gnome storm. After the first nerf most stop to care about everything and now dev using the top players as scapegoat
If you would have read the first post then you see the estimated formula which implies that dev wants people just to do 1 battle per min. Now tell me are you able only to do one battle per min? If you can do more than you are also to be “blamed” for being able to play too fast


Yes how dare we put good teams together. Imagine blaming the players for using what’s available. By the way are you only able to do 1 battle per minute? If so I’m sorry to say but you don’t know how to play the game.


I come to think that I understand what they mean by “too easy” - it’s any battle you can win. If it wasn’t easy, you wouldn’t win. Duh!

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