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Gizmo needs team building help

Ok so Gizmo has a ok pvp team
win/loses 77-14 attack 3-32 defend last 2 days
I have lost 3 out of last 5 games and matches are getting harder.

my current Team is same for atk and def
Crimson bat-no trait lev 19
Tyri-1 trait lev 18
Anub Warrior-2 trait lev 18
Rowanne-no trait lev 18

Games seem to take 5-10 min on average against 2-3 trophy encounters. I really would like a faster team.

So I am looking for sugestions on a few good team set ups to help me win quicker and not take a ton of loses. I am free to play and am 2 weeks old in game. I have all quest based troops and will list my rare cards.

I have no mythics
Legendarys I have
Autum imp
Crimson bat
Keeper of souls
The dragon soul

I am missing some epics about 20 percent of them

I have all common - ultra rare except Satyer musician

I am still new so I won’t be able to trait most troops but any friendly advice would be appreciated so Gizmo can be a pvp crusher.

Thank you
Gizmo the Great

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If you want to rip through PvP
Give this a try

Valk ***
Crimson Bat
Crimson Bat

Only 1 Crimson bat

Then Sooth/Sooth/Valk/Bat

valk/ herdmaster

Marilith (with Fire Link)
Soothsayer (with Traits)
Crimson Bat

Hellcat generates Mana for Bat and Mari, Sooth boost magic and fills everyone

You can try this one, it was one of my older teams and was pretty damn fast in its day.

Double Yellow flag or Yellow/Red
Herd Master (Trait 2 is somewhat imporant, Trait 3 is useful, neither mandatory)
Alchemist (first trait is nice)
Valkyrie (2nd is important for soul gain)
Druid (doesn’t need to be traited, but helpful)

Basically you prioritize yellows, always use druid when available, and use the other 3 to keep the mana flowing. Fairly fast team for PVP and generally very effective. Main weakness is you can’t target specific troops, though that doesn’t usually end up being a problem.

You almost never want to use any of the other skills if druid is charged.
Never clear yellows with valk.

Give it a shot, would be interested to know if it’s still viable.

I used Herdmaster/Soothsayer/Valkyrie/Druid in PvP until about level 250 (team scores up to 7800ish were doable). So I’m guessing that team will work well too.

Gizmo tried
Crimson bat

Seems good, faster games.

Gizmo does not have Marl

Gizmo is working on getting levels for the

Gizmo needs to get druid and herdmaster up.

Gizmo also got Gards avatar and Sheggra today, not sure if they are better

So far Gizmo is very greatful with the advice, getting wins faster. Thank you guys

i think

sooth sooth valk bat

will be still most effective.

gard requires ysa +some other stuff to work nicely
sheggra… well… preferably requires ik? (if u want sheggra deck without ik - i think it could work with banshee instead of valk)
and bat team is certainly stronger then the druid one :stuck_out_tongue:

so all the credit still goes to @NYCUrbanity

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