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Give us a No Trait Stone option "Chest" for VIP Keys

For the love of god please give us a NO Trait stone option for VIP chests. I’m so tired of getting 50% or more of the chests for VIP being unwanted or unneeded trait-stones. I’m blowing the gems in the hopes of getting legendary or mythic troops not to get trait stones as I’m certain many others are. I understand some folks may like the way they are now so leave the chests as they are but add a NEW chest option that does not contain anything but troops…please.


Extremely good idea.


They probably could, but then they’d want/have to add a different kind of filler, or skew the odds a different way to “even it out”.

Economy and stuff.

I’m all for a Epic troop+ only chest though. If it was the choice between Ultra Rares and Arcane Traitstones, I’d rather have Arcane Traitstones…

Fantastic idea. I’d like to see 2500 gold per chest too, although I’d imagine they could add a two-tier vip system. I think they should drop vip access to level 4 and add non traitstones access at vip 6 but give us the choice of which tier to open at. Maybe have the blue crystal keys we have now for vip level 1, and add red crystal keys for vip tier 2

Don’t nearly have enough VIP rank to care but this is a great shout. There’s a farming option for traitstones and most VIP5s have more than necessary. Secondary way to fix the problem is to let people do something with those excess traitstones so they still mean something. (Ex. traitstones for the gem summoning keys)

I just wish we could dismantle any traitstone into shards and jewels. With the color and amount you receive varying depending on rarity and color of traitstone.

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This all sounds like making things much more complicated, and unnecessary imho.

Kind of like the chest “changes” they’ve just made :wink: (IMO of course)
I’m just adding in another option I’m hoping they’ll consider. I don’t want trait stones out of VIP chests and I doubt I’m alone with this request many end game players don’t care about trait stones we have plenty of other ways to get them with out ‘wasting’ VIP keys

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Keep in mind a new currency is being added in 2018. It was said in a Dev chat or stream session recently

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Any clues as to what that is?

I really hope they don’t get to crazy with new “currencies” I’ll be having flash backs of Neverwinter if they do! Either way I don’t want the new currency in the VIP chests either :wink:

I want to see the new currency in vip chests.

With out knowing what it is or what I does I certainly do not. They would be far better to put it in the Treasure hunt mini game to make it relevant again IMO.

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I think your top comment is a great idea. I am tired of getting garbage trait stones that I don’t need. Not taking them away and just giving an option to not get them would be great.