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Gifting Elite pass

I hope this is possible.


It should be able to be a thing.

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I was wondering this too.

It would be easy to do to generate a pre-paid code, and you can gift purchases directly in the Xbox shop if they are set up to do so. I’m sure similar exists for steam and other consoles.

Hey @Kafka

People are trying to spend money instead of bitch about f2p, so can you help here? I know it’s easy to do on Xbox if you can get 505 to do it.

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On PS4 there is no option for player generated Codes in the shop for others, plus the countries have different shops and so the players.

I’m unsure if gifting is possible on Android, as the purchase is directly in-app.

From beta, though, PC purchases are routed through Steam as DLC purchases. And generally speaking, purchases on Steam are usually giftable directly from the purchase screen to any of the player’s Steam friends.

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I’ll pass the feedback on.

And if it makes it easier to implement gifting elite pass, maybe allow people to buy them and use them like guild gifts. That way everything is done inside the Gems game.