[Shop] Gifting Suggestion

Good morning folks! :slight_smile:

I believe this might have been mentioned before, but I wasn’t able to find a thread that answered my question/suggestion.

What do people think about the implementation of a feature, enabling us to purchase things from the shop and have the option during purchasing to either purchase it for themselves, or another user?

For example, my fiancee has started playing not long ago and because she’s low level and is sticking with the game, I suggested the Death Knight armour, which currently makes sense, especially as she wants to keep playing and hasn’t lost interest. It’d be a nice idea if we were able to do this.

It’d be cool for birthday gifts. Getting something if the other person isn’t able to play in a given week for whatever reason and something is there that they’d like.

What do people think?


It would be a really nice feature, but there would have to be steps taken to ensure new accounts aren’t being created just to take advantage of the One Time Purchase offers to send to those who have already bought them.

Not that those bundles are really game-changers.

Suppose you could have a “Gifteable” tab in the shop - Exclusive offers/packages specifically designed to be bought and sent as gifts.

The One Time purchase bonus would have to only be given to the account it was being gifted to.
Then if that account wished to buy the same thing, it wouldn’t be possible becuase it has already been purchased.

I would love, I mean LOVE this gifting feature!!! It would be so much fun to buy my friends, loved ones, and guild-mates cool shop things!

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I think it’d be cool to get some Dev/Publisher feedback on this because it must have been discussed at some point?

@Sirrian ?

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I’ve wanted this feature in the game for a long, long time. I would love to purchase something to reward a guild member that really went the extra mile. I think this could be a decent money maker for them. I’d never buy the overpriced gem bundles, but I would buy gifts a lot.