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GiantBomb! rank 58 recruiting [20/30] casual players welcome

We are recruiting 10 new players. Due to large number of open slots we have removed requirements. We still have quite few 1000+ level players that contribute 1m+ gold weekly and manage to complete most of the guild tasks.

hi there <: me nd my friend would like to join you. im lvl 260+ friend is lvl 90 quite new, and fairly active- i wonder when u said no requirement means newplayers aswell? thx :slight_smile:

Yes, there are no requirements. Now give me invite codes so i can send invites.

hi again. we’ll aprecciate that :slight_smile: invitescode:


Do you have room for three active friends from a dying guild?

Hi @Darkbeerguy, yes, I think we could do that.

Can you contact us on our discord channel so we can talk about it?

Hoguns Paladins Discord server here: https://discord.gg/w64nGDa

ps. GiantBomb has been renamed to Hoguns Paladins.