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Retired this post 37412

Retired this post 37412

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Come and join not only an amazing guild but a close family :grin::grin::grin:


Come join our happy family that has been a staple of Gems of War since the beginning!

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All the rewards and all the fun! Come join our family today! :slight_smile:

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Join a guild that is friendly, helpful and awesome

Been a member of this guild for over a year and a half and wouldn’t dream of leaving the friendliest, most helpful group out there. Join today!

Looking for a new guild that is competitive and completes all tasks and closes some portals.

Level 1129
VIP 10

Just returned to the game from a hiatus and looking to get back to work. Let me know and I will leave current guild if an invite is being sent.

SIR NODLEHS <-- Invite Code

Hi Tango,

Glad to hear that. Please check in at our discord to apply.

hello im im looking to join a guild TREYDUCEY_H7EX

Hi Treyducey,

Please check in on our discord to apply. See link above.

Because of a few people wanna go to our sisterguild , we are looking for a few good players to take their place .

Hey there!
Join us.
We have also a Guild for casual players (Hoguns Paladins).
Just contact us on Discord https://discord.gg/w64nGDa

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We hit 40k seals today and are on track to completing all Invasion rewards! Our community is one of the best and most supportive out there. Join today!

Are you still recruiting? I have lvl 1126, i can manage 1m gold and 50k points in pvp.