3 Veterans players looking for a new home

Hi all,
we are 3 competitive long-term players, between lvl1200 and 1300, and we have been playing Gow for at least 2 years.
We are now looking for a new home where to start enjoying the game and having fun again.
We would like to join a good guild, with a nice cooperative attitude, closing a good number of LT (15-20) but super-relaxed about GW (very low bracket or GW optional).

Thanks to all who will reply here or contact me via PM.

Have a nice day

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Hi there,

We are Mean Machine and have 3 spots available (Rank 36). We are having fun and we are relaxed and enjoy the game however each player wants. Send me a PM with your codes please if interested!


I invite you to visit our discord channel. We have an alliance of 5 guilds that can cater to all levels, play styles and requirements. No obligation of nothing interests you, of course.

If you don’t use discord please pm either @Aelthwyn @turintuor or @Ally and they can give you the necessary details.

Thanks to both for your replies.
Just to add an info: we won’t consider joining separated guilds, we are looking for a guild that could take all 3 of us

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Hi - we’re a relaxed guild of mixed players from level 1061 and 922, several 500s on down to a couple of level 50s. We enjoy playing Invasion and Raid Boss on a voluntary basis, don’t currently do Guild Wars but would be open to on a voluntary level. Our upper level players contribute gold to finish tasks for the newer players and close portals in Raid Biss, etc.; only member requirement is active play (no sign in without contact to the Guild Master for more than 2 weeks = kick.) Guild chat only - we’re mostly a do-your-own-thing group with a solid base of active players who enjoy the game most without the commitments of highly competitive guild play. You’d be very welcome to join us! Best of luck in your Guild choice and have a good one.

Hi! In addition to my invite below, just wanted to say that we could definitely take all three of you - we’re currently at 23 members and just turned down a merger because upper and lower guild members voted to stay together, so we won’t be doing multi-tiered guilds. :slight_smile:

Thx for your reply

Would be an honor to have you guys with us at Dreaded Legion!

I could get all 3 into GNR eventually.
Feel free to join our server if you want to discuss it.

Thx to all who contacted me via PM. We are evaluating all offers, thx

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