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Are you tired of the events draining your resources? So are we! Come join us!

I’m over level 1000 and I have a lot of the Mythics in the game. I like to open chests and I like to play, but I like to do so casually. I don’t like worrying about Guild Wars, or the new gem (and soul) sucking events like Raids, Invasions, Bounty events and whatever unfortunate reskin of these parasitic, pay to win/play modes may still come.

Most importantly, I like to just play. Before bed, for a quick 5 minutes, maybe a few hours a week, maybe 5 hours a day all week. I like having this freedom, and no pressure to do ANYTHING.

Does 650k sound reasonable to you? That’s IT. Paladins is a new guild, and while we’re just getting started you can be sure that some of our members will contribute well over 650k, enabling us to get a whole bunch of legendary tasks completed weekly, with NO OTHER REQUIREMENTS!

Sound like a good time? Jump in.

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Even if I were looking for a new guild, I have no idea what platform you’re using. PC/mobile? XB1? PS4?

Very good point. I have categorized the post properly now. :slight_smile:

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