GiantBomb! recruiting [rank 41]

After the former admin quit, I cleaned up our guild and now we have 10 spots which want to be filled with active players (casuals welcome)!

We have 100% daily bonus and +28 on all masteries.

There’s no official requirement yet but that’ll change when all spots are taken. I’m thinking of 15,000 a week (5,000 if you don’t have all kingdoms yet, I remember not having much gold during that time).
These 15,000 would be a lower limit of course. Right now, half of us contribute much more than that, and I’ll be very happy to have more members like that :wink:

If you’re ever gonna be away for at least a week that’ll be alright, just let me know or otherwise I’ll kick you for inactivity. Or if you’re very stressed and can’t meet the lower limit for a week or two, that’ll be fine too as long as you let me know.

Hope to see you soon in our guild! :slight_smile: