Giant toadstool bug

was having a pvp versus group of giant toadstool, spore shot turned my courage into a giant toadstool but virtue of courage continued to trigger.

I’ve hadn’t the same but with Spooky Imp. My Famine was transformed into a Wraith yet aspect of famine was still triggering each turn.

guess it just changes the icon and stats then? noticed that it has the traits marked as well but… ya looks broken

I read in another thread that a troop transformed in this manner that has a self buffing trait (eg., big) will not buff the thing it is transformed to. This leads me to believe that the transformed thing is not inheriting the traits of the thing it was transformed from, but rather, the troop being transformed is not properly cleaned up and therefore its traits continue triggering.

This has been reported several times, though, and I believe the response was that it needs a client patch to fix, so we are looking at the next major version (maybe).