Traits carrying over to transformed units

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I thought transformed units (by Giant Toadstool, into GT as well) would lose their traits, maybe have whatever GT traitd you have unlocked. What happened is that my fully-traited Death was Spored and became a GT as well. Still, Aspect of Death kept working and when I killed the guy, Necromancy activated.

(Not sure if this is intended or a known issue, but I couldn’t find anything here in the forums.)

(Edit: Also, maybe it’d be nice to have a category called “Bug Report”, or maybe a mega-thread that is not specifically realted to a given patch. “Support” makes it sound like I need some kind of help, but I’m really just reporting)

Ummm, if you checked you’d see that they are aware and are investigating the issue. And when they fix it they’ll say fixed in next patch.

Sorry, but I did use the search (toadstool trait, transform trait, etc), but I couldn’t find anything. Also, I didn’t think of manually checking Patch 2.1.5 Issues thread because this issue is not directly related to the changes implemented in Patch 2.1.5.

But thanks for telling me

I reported the same thing for the purple imp. Was quite shocked when it happend xD