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[More info needed] Transform bug?

Platform, device version and operating system:
What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was transformed by EoE, usually it turns me into the troop of the quality and lvl I own it at. Twice today it turned me into the lowest quality card type.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Monday June 29 and again Tuesday Durning guild wars.

Is this intended as new or a bug? I used to see my transformed troop leveled with traits and medals. This is no longer the case.

Thanks for your help

when your troops transforms itself, it usually keeps the level and traits of original troops (might lose some traits if you dont have the troops you trasformed to)

i you get transformed by enemy (TPK, Lust, EoE) you lose all your traits and get half of your level (not sure about this part)

it used to work this way, as long as i remember (at least on pc/mobile)

Hey Swarly, did you happen to grab a screenshot?
Transformed Troops should have the upgrades the Troop has in your collection.

Unfortunately I was focused on the guild war battle and didn’t even think to screen shot it. I’ll keep an eye out for it and try to remember if it happens again.

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@Kafka Realy?
From what i noticed, whenever my troops get transformed by enemy, or enemy troops get transformed by me, they lose all traits.

it’s something that’s been that way all the time… (very usefull when using HKI + TPK -> TPK can always transform anything that’s immune to devour to something that’s is ‘eatable’)

whenever my or enemy troop transforms itself -> it has the set of traits as troop in respective collection