Generic and misleading title #2, TOPIC: Missing Keys

After I got 48 Keys trough guild task I went ahead to open them just to get the surprise that it shows Ive none. :ultramegasadface:

Does the games still show you have keys or did they just vanish?

They vanish. Shows 0.

Dont really care about the keys but maybe theres a problem on the code that could mess up other players.

Did you save up the keys in increments or were they collected all at once?
What were you doing before you collected them? Did you finish any of the tasks yourself?

The more details you can provide the easier it can be for staff to zone in on the possible issue, maybe ask if any guild members experienced the same problem, etc.

Already said it, I open the guild tab, got the keys, went to open them and it show that I had none. Nothing in between that.