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Gems of Wars RNG is currently broken

Have you also noticed the commentator saying Mana Surge in GW so often for CPU while less for you, something is off with that as well. It’s like, sorry Human, but CPU gonna get get all the boost. Its frustrating.

Well, humans starts out, and if you cannot deal with a horrible board given - you will lose, especially in Bracket 1 or up against big meta teams in general. For CPU we could call it counter attack at higher possibilities. Wow, I love how I said that sentence.

Still streaking…still broken… The other side of the coin.
Players like myself who only need imperial deed offers (and I guess war coins) haven’t saw an offer in months due to the imbalance that broken mechanics cause.

I totally relate to “RNG streaking” but accept that RNG is by nature incomprehensible. You can’t expect or predict any thing when it comes to RNG but sometimes things seem way off. I notice it most when running active storms and smashing the board only to end up with almost no gems of storm colour. That’s a head scratch moment and it seems to increase with high difficulty battles. I don’t like saltys explanation of lower level RNG manipulation because it implies that the reverse is also possible. As for LT streaking, yes that seems plausible because its a long long time since we got a mythic and in fact even legendary troops are a rare drop. LTS offer poor rewards for those lucky enough to be in a guild that attains them. Streaking is hard to prove but if I smash a board with a storm running and only 4 gems of the storm colour end up in the new board and there are 18 skulls, then you’re bound to be confused by game mechanics

Again, the whole point isn’t whether or not it’s statistically possible or not to get these streaks. It is. Nobody wants to see these streaks though - It would be much better to have systems in place that avoid streaks with statistical chance of say less than 5 percent. Or, have systems similar to gnome pity keys in place. Nobody enjoys getting 0 imperial deeds when others have gotten more than 10. Is it possible? Yes. Is it fun? No. Is it fair? No. That’s the aspect of the whole RNG system that needs to be fixed.


The only way to eliminate this is to remove RNG and make stuff linear. And that would affect the bottom line because you could predict your rate of resource gain. It will never happen.

So broken.
It needed it’s own thread.

But still definitely belongs under here as well.