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Bad Dev, bad!

Of the 84 achievements released…
Screenshot_20200815-235205_Google Play Games
…you now have 1 achievement that’s 100% decided by RNG thanks to 5.1

So unless you have plans for players to get the Epic key for free that isn’t relied on RNG.
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I’m aware that most of you don’t have time play Gems of War. But I imagine you play other video games. Ones with achievements. So you can relate how frustrating it is when those achievements are…well… achievable or not.

And keep in mind that the base of Gems of War is supposed to be a relaxing match 3 game. Not dark souls… There’s a reason why you don’t have a Zuul’Goth achievement. Or at least there was a reason… That was evidently forgotten between 5.0 and 5.1

To right this wrong.
I suggest that for the Gnome Tracker. If a player hits the 35/35…(Which is more GoW play from one player in 3 days than all the devs combined in the course of 3 months) Then they are mailed an Epic Vault key instead of a normal vault key.


Every 5th Gnome Tracker key should be Epic, imo.

They’d still be incredibly rare at that point, requiring a lot of effort to obtain; I’ve played more this gnome weekend than most, and I’m still only at my 4th free key…


Please not, just a big advantage for 24h gemsers.

Gems is not the only game with achievements based on random luck of the draw. For years now gears of war has had ribbons based achievements and some of these ribbons will almost never happen in regular gameplay. The odds of attaining such ribbons are far less than the likelihood of bagging an epic key. We are talking thousands and thousands of hours and never getting lucky enough. Gems players can count themselves very lucky at how easy this is in comparison.