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Gems of Wars RNG is currently broken

First 4 this week

3 day break

(That’s right boys and girls, exactly the same rewards as the first LT of the week for us. )

Out of 5 Legendary Tasks… The only 5 done this week. The reward drops were unique for only 20% of them. The… RNG… streakiness… is… out… of… control… And by now…I think it’s intended. :+1:

You know how this works now, why do you need someone to admit how it works?

I don’t. I was just providing what was requested by another forums user.
I hated showing my work in math class as a kid and I still hate showing my work as an adult.

But I understand that blind faith is not an easy request. So here we are. This wasn’t for the devs, it was for them.

Without inside info we can test it 2 ways. The eye test and the smell test.

It passes neither.

I heard a rumor they are hiring Giuliani as their PR director.

Personally I’m not convinced something is wrong but I am curious:

You’ve stated your case and the PR person is saying there’s nothing wrong and you’ve shown what you believe is the rng screwing you out of better stuff in the legendary tasks. So now what are you gonna do about it?

Complain about GoW art instead and see where that gets me. Or, hope the ninjas behind the scene are working as we speak on a resolution to our woes, the same ninjas who made the pet gnomes appear when the same PR said nothing was changed about Pet Gnomes in the arena when directly asked by me. Yet they were definitely removed from the arena courtesy of patch 5.2…despite never verbally being confirmed by a Dev.

Salty is human, and humans can be wrong. 🤷

instead of complaining about the GoW art you should make fun of it because they can be hilariously bad.

At this point, personally I don’t think the ninjas are gonna do anything, bro. I don’t think she’s gonna agree that she’s wrong either sort of like how you don’t think you’re wrong.

This looks a lot like that other thread where the guy created it to take cheap shots at the developers. Yeah it’s got a lot of hits but I don’t think the devs give a crap. They pretty much just let it exist for like 6 months now so people have a place to vent and then go back to playing the game anyway.

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I think their rng algorithms are so convoluted that they don’t know what is going on. Look at some of bugs recently. Destruct o bot… ONE in game test and they would have seen that. If you miss something like that?

Also, Frost Archer looks like sheneneh from the Martin Lawrence show back in the day.

Sooo many of the gnomes came back to back during the vault weekend. I wonder how many players were screwed out of seeing out of gnomes at all because of it. It’s definitely had an effect on vault keys.
And if the campaign tasks are being decided by RNG… No wonder we’re seeing annoying streaks there as well.
Like the event key task almost every week.

And the exact same treasure map task two weeks in a row now.

@Saltypatra if you’re correct and everything is working as intended. Can I please request that y’all break the code instead then.

Thing is, the tasks we’ve already seen isn’t that a long list…(like 20? 25 at most - i’m to lazy to find post where Hawkx listed them) and from those 16 tasks are taken… Chances of repeating tasks are very high:
when picking up 16 from 20… you are guaranted that at least 12 will repeat between 2 weeks…
when picking up 16 from 25… you are guaranted that at least 7 will repeat between 2 weeks…

one thing that could give some freshness into campaign would be to introduce more tasks…

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The best way I know the know the reply will oppose my thought is if I see a “B” attached to it courtesy of Buttstallion before I even get a chance to read the reply. It’s almost like a spoiler.

But okay cool,

Call the RNG broken…or call it lack of diversity that results in at least the third week of adventure boards being a silver task in a row. Who’s responsible for overseeing this? That’s right… The RNG Gods… Which is how it feels when the devs get on here sometimes when talking about these systems. As if it’s out of their hands. Last time I checked… They create the code…or the tasks…“select 2 event keys unless selected the week before” - holy shit… revolutionary coding. 🤦
But yeah that’s based off the assumption there’s enough tasks for it not to repeat weekly. Which if there’s not, that’s sad on it own end. This is (for many) a paid event ladies and gents, perhaps spend 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes brain storming task ideas to service those paying for the 10 weeks. 🤷

lol, I think the point sytro made is one I very much agree with. That being, it’s not an issue of repeating tasks, but rather not enough tasks in the pool to stop the repeating. I think expanding the pool of options would be a good idea. Clearly they do have some control over the tasks opposed to purely RNG as when it gets later in the campaign the tasks get slight harder (doing explore 9 instead of 3). I understand the issue, I agree it’s an issue, I just don’t agree it’s a big one worth anyone’s time.

I agree with you @awryan. See, not just blindly being contrary to your point lol. The difference I have is that it’s not the end of the world. It’s barely worth making a single post for and barely makes the list of major issues the devs could be focusing on. It seems like you wake up every morning looking for the next thing to make a post about. As I said before, and I was being serious, you should make a more organized list of complaints, bugs, feature changes, and fixes. Of course the devs should be the ones who should do this and not us, but if you are already writing novels worth of complaints, you might as well organize those thoughts into one digestible format that can be updated and edited.

In fact, I offer to assist in this endeavor if you ever decide to go that route. Genuine offer, as I believe we could make an impact with our combined resources and a concentrated attack. If not, at least we get a nice complaint book to publish one day!

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