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Gems of War: Double Rainbow Team - 2x Prismatic

Hello everyone! Today I go over a fun team using both of the prismatics - Prismatic Orb and RAINBOW SNAKE with Prismatic Tornado. Combine with Rowanne they make for a great combo.




Because of course.

Surprised you didn’t use Death and Famine. With Prismatic Orb, that’s 2x of every color even after Couatl dies.

Yeah, but then very few people could try the team for themselves.


Yes, I do try to keep to lower rarity alternatives when they are viable for a build so that more people can use it. For example, Jarl Firemantle would likely have been stronger in first slot in this build rather than using Alchemist in 2nd, but I went with Alchemist instead since many players likely don’t have Jarl.