Gems of War 2023 Roadmap

This, so much this! They need to slow down on all the events as well in addition to ridding the “Elite” Campaign pass. There’s to many events going on all at once and there’s way to much monitization in the game. Of course the aforementioned monitization is the reason why there are so many bloody season passes and events. It’s all about greed, after all the in game store never seems to bug out or mess up or anything. But all the other aspects of Gems of War screws up in some way, shape or form at some point.

I was ready to put this game up for good after the current campaign but OF COURSE more stuff comes up to induce the Fomo and prey on whales.


What day in April does that update drop?

Overall the roadmap picture is nothing else than a rough scribbled. Things can be abandoned and/or change anytime with this company.
I wouldn’t bet on anything near the start of April. Judging from experience it tends to be stretched out to the last possible date. Or later.

Crystal ball mode: April 25.