Gems of Streaming


… So I’ve had a play with our stream, and now when you follow or subscribe to our Twitch channel “MANA SURGE” will play! :heart::heart::heart::dancer::dancer::dancer::coffee::coffee::coffee::gem::gem::gem:


The next stream will be in 6 hours?


I’ll watch if 30 seconds can be spent on gem sliders. :grin:
Whether why they have no desire to bring them back or if 4.2 is too soon, but 4.3 could possibly bring them back.

Update: I’m aware of the old reasons. But those reasons shouldn’t matter anymore.


I think we need a new bingo card for these streams with the developers including “Someone asks about the 50 gems class change fee.” at the center of it. Because we all know it nevers fails to pop.


That is a great idea!


Regarding tonight’s stream if someone asks if there will be a “or” icon or “or” box for the guild requirement cards that would be doing me a favor. Our guild Seals are required but we also require a set amount of gold OR trophies.


I’m hoping the fields will be like the guild banner. You’re able to type in whatever the character limit allows.
So you can type an “or” wherever necessary.


This is a good question to ask. Some guilds have sliding scales, or an “or” requirement. Our guild requires Discord, so lets hope there is a place to list that too.


Please remember that there is a limited amount of space on the guild screen, so not all information can be included. This means that having a Discord requirement is very unlikely. We have included as much as possible for the time being, and may make further tweaks in the future.

Who’s excited for the stream?! I know I am!


No one? LOL


I also have a bunch of extra special codes, just saying.


Is one a Salty Code?


Nope! But they are new and shiny!


@Sirrian and @Nimhain are live now with @Saltypatra for the Developer Q&A. Find out all the latest goss live and direct to you!


There’s also the 4.2 preview stream tomorrow, which we’ll cover the Guild changes in more detail for.


Still live! Free for all happening now!


Cool stream, @Saltypatra is all about the Lapinas/Manpinas so i’ll share some cute bunny magicians, and i’ll ping @Sheba because sharing bunnies without her knowledge is against the law. :skull:


Is that second word right? I would have guessed Lepina or Lapino, depending on whether I want to be French or Spanish.


Dev Q&A Stream Notes / Ramblings

– 4.2 Theme --> Guild maintenance improvements and QoL

– New Guild Admin screen, accessible by Rank 1 (guild leader) and Rank 2 (officers)

– Guild leaders can now set minimum guild requirement in game, which the game will track. Deficiencies in meeting minimums will be shown by red numbers (instead of white) on the guild roster screen. (Gold/Trophies/Seals for 4.2, open to feedback on additional criteria, during stream event quotas were offered for suggestion which was received positively for a possible future update.) No automatic kicking of players by the game for failing to reach minimums.

– Can set a “Hardcore v. Casual” slider. Cosmetic information about the guild to players outside of a guild that they can view.

– Can set guild task donation priorities and order of completion for statues. Guildmates are not locked out of donating to the wrong statue.

– Can redesign guild shields with new designs. New designs are unlocked with mass numbers of trophies (some taking millions of trophies).

– New guild screen backgrounds are available.

– Inactivity symbols will appear on inactive players. Inactive guild leaders can be kicked and replaced by the highest ranking active member in the guild.

– Guild rank titles are now customizable and also customizable by gender.

– Guild activity logs are re-implemented. There are a very wide range of activities that the game will record in the log for players to see and review.

– Clicking on any player in game will bring up the guild’s profile information in addition to player information.

– There will be a Holiday giveaway during Christmas Week. A Christmas pet will be available. There will also be a Holiday legendary (Tinseltail).

– There will be a Christmas themed Invasion tower and a Battlecrasher (Ragnanord) event.

– Christmas music will be available for the event. Tied to Holiday gems, disabling them will disable the holiday music.

– PC players will be able to receive alerts via browser, similar to mobile notifications.

– Ascend all button implemented. Will not ascend any troop to a rarity that leaves it with less than 4 copies of the troop.

– New status effects: Blessed, Cursed, Bleed
Bleed: Stackable damage over time (1, 3, 6, 10 damage per turn at 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x stacks)
Bless: Grants Impervious
Curse: Disables Impervious, halves chances for a status effect to naturally clear.

– Weapons: Weapons with exploding affixes being changed. Exploding --> Give mana; Doom weapons --> mana drains

– Next Faction: The Warrens (lapina faction).

– 50 gem class change and 24-hour change timer being removed in early 2019 (4.3?).

– Normalization of inconsistent game terms in progress, will take a while. Be patient, please!

– Hardcopy Lorekeeper book coming soon-ish. Sirrian wants to take a breather before writing Lorekeeper Volume 2.

– PvP rework coming in 2019?

– Weapons in event shops are one-time chances to purchase with gems on their event launch. Future appearances of weapons will be in the cash shop by design.

– Eventually, old raid/invasion troops will be reusable in similar in events in their kingdoms. That’s a long way away, though.

– No intentions to place mythics in the Underworld. Second round of mythics will appear in the Overworld eventually.

– Old events (like treasure maps, which was mentioned a lot on stream) likely to re-examined/balanced in 2019.

– Boosted damage calculations may be coming in the future.

– Prismatic (all color) troops/weapons tend to break the game, hence why no new ones have been added to the game since the initial two prismatic weapons.

– Chat system revamp in 4.3?

– Official game soundtrack in the future?

– There is hope for alternate uses for Orbs of Growth in the future.

– Tower of Doom --> need to communicate between players about room rewards intended. Chaos Shards may be added to tower rewards. No planned increase in gem payouts.

– Transform (Dragon Eye) still under observation about how to balance it moving forward. Options still being discussed.

– Shop --> legacy coding issues prevent multiple purchases at once. Considering adding multiple purchase bundles in the future as a workaround to the issue.

– Overworld v. Underworld in the future? Devs were quite favorable toward this idea.

– 4.2 will launch pre-Christmas (no official date, in certification currently, SOON).


Someone said it on the stream chat and Salty liked it.