Gems of Streaming


We answered so many questions, OH MY. So many! I am tired now.


You were a speed demon, tonight.

I struggled to even even write shorthand, but you were owning the chat room. :+1:


Wow that was up quick! Thank you so much for this :cookie:


Update is currently in certification. So assuming it passes, it can be very soon. Really depends on when it was submitted. I’d imagine the process takes like 2? weeks or so.

Hope they get around to double checking to see if it doesn’t ascend delve treasures.


I didn’t hear about the Pans Vale question.
I know they answered it though in the comments from Salty.
Was a client patch required for the troops being updated?


What are “boosted damage calculations”?


They mentioned the Pan’s Vale one can be done server side without an update.


Steam less than a day. Android right behind them, then Xbox. PS and iOS compete for last approval. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ubastets cast for one.


Not possible if they are “coming in the future”, per Lyrian’s summary.


Is possible, they just don’t know how yet.


Well, this sheds light on the Curse/Bless discussion. Disabling Impervious puts Curse above everything in this game now.

Over an year, but i’ll be happy when this finally gets done.


What @awryan said.

Things like conditional damage, damage boosted by gems, and so on.

So, instead of “15 damage, boosted by red gems”, the tooltip would actually report real-time damage calculations of those abilities. The devs said that it’s a possibility in the future now that the game runs on Unity and not on Adobe Air.


Ah, boosted damage calculations showing the results in the text. That will be convenient if the devs ever get around to it! (I mean, the game already does those calculations. You just don’t get to see the results until you cast.)


41 min 18 sec

there ya go


So what is it actually mean and why they do that?


Weapons that have “explode a gem” affixes do bad things to the board: they blow up 4+ matches before the game resolves them. So you might cast a spell expecting to get an extra turn, but your weapon blows up the match, and the AI gets a board full of mana.

The devs said the intent was to provide a little bit of extra mana upon casting. So directly giving mana accomplishes mostly the same purpose, without forcing them to rewrite how the code handles gem creation/explosion and match resolution.

Edit: @devs, can you also look at “create a gem” affixes on weapons that don’t already create gems as part of their spell?


Thanks! So it refers to the upgradable affix of weapons and not the exploding effect in the main spell right? Although it’s a weird solution to me but well, seems good to keep the game simple and more predictable.


Any word about affixes that add or remove a low amount of gems? Like the dreaded Warm “upgrade” for Mang?


So many nice changes coming!

And this:

There are newer players missing weapons like Yasmine’s Pride, Divine Protector, Earth’s Fury. The only way to get them is with cash. To me this is by far the most P2W thing in the whole game.

I don’t have Divine Protector, but could have bought it and used it to defeat other players in Guild Wars.

Anyway sorry for the complaint amongst so much good news.