Gems of Streaming


It was asked on stream, credit @LucianDevine. Devs are looking into situation, and seemed optimistic about a fix.


It’s more of enforcing a Fear of Missing Out tactic and a “mandatory” gem sink.

If a player misses out on a weapon, for whatever reason, it’s going to cost cash to remedy the issue that is going to come back and bite players down the road as a either a meta team weapon or as a kingdom star roadblock. FOMO can be a powerful motivator, for sure.


Question is: even if I’d like to pay cash on specific weapon I have to wait forever for it to appear in the weekly offer. There are so many event only weapon in the game now.


Pssst, hey team… Aside from just previewing the 4.2 Update, we will also be showing off the goblin mythic, High King Irongut.


Is it’s release being moved up? Or are you just doing it because of the holidays getting in the way of your usual stream dates?


You’ll have to come to the stream to find out. :heart:


Lol… If that’s the case then you have a date with my PvP defense tonight then. I won’t even use a freeze team to counter your goblin team.



I tried my best. 🤷


That was a good stream until @Cyrup crushed my dreams when she said there will not be a cat faction.


Just following up on some stream questions…

  1. Yes, you can kick your guild leader if they have been inactive for at least 21 days.
  2. Anyone who has been inactive for at least 21 days will appear with the sleeping icon in the Roster
  3. As a general rule, the highest ranking active player(s) in a guild get the ability to promote/demote/kick other inactive players
  4. Guild rejoin cooldown - If you leave a Guild you can’t rejoin that Guild for 2 days (other Guilds can be joined) without an invite
  5. Similarly, if you are kicked from a Guild you can’t rejoin/find them in Guild search unless you are invited
  6. Guild search - we didn’t cover this as I didn’t want to leave Sparkle Ponies in the stream, but there is a new Guild Search menu where you can find a guild based on their play-style (casual/balanced/hardcore), see their weekly requirements and recruitment message and generally help you find the Guild that is right for you. More details on that will be released with the update.


So essentially if I want someone to leave the guild for a little bit. I have to kick them instead of them leave the guild. Otherwise will need to wait 2 days before they can rejoin. Correct?


Shouldn’t a Mythic 3rd Trait be more powerful than a Legendary 3rd Trait?


Cool. I hope they will be ordered by activity in the search results: more active first.


It looks the guild will be able to manually set how active they are. So in hopes of getting new randoms to stay… All guilds can put “hardcore” even if they collectively only play 2 hours a week.


You can rejoin a Guild if you have an invite, even if it is within the 2 day cooldown. @Nullings it depends on the search requirements you are using, but there isn’t any specific filter for activity (this could be defined by a number of things).


I can prescribe a good medicine to ease your pain:


I wish we could make it simple and define it by weekly Trophies. And have EVERYTHING give trophies… Even maps. The addition of trophies to guild events was great and I’m happy with it… I’d be happier if people were able to do all game modes and still help their guild.
Except Explore… That’s the one mode where trophies shouldn’t be…
But even in pet Rescues. One trophy for each battle would definitely get more players interested in them. And every patch, the rate of pet Rescues decreases due to new gnomes being released.


Better than flipping a coin to burn a random foe once a turn.


Next two streams!

10th December 6 30 PM PST: Tinseltail Preview and team building! Tinseltail is our cute Christmas dragon, so please join us for an early holiday stream.

17th December 6 30 PM PST: Warren Preview and team building!