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Will the Warrens (or any preview delve) stream ever show the actual delve or just the troops?


Can there be an exception to the weapon explosion fix?
The Death Knell. It’s explosion is actually nice since you get the extra-turn.


delves are too hard man


I believe it will be too early for the faction show. So we’ll see troops only.


Well, the spell sequence isn’t quite clear, so it might actually be useful for knocking off Barrier. Not complaining here, when given a gun for a knife fight, being also able to use it as a bludgeoning weapon is a bonus. :smirk:


Which feels hardly fair for players who haven’t been around for a few years, the amount of cash they have to spend to catch up is extraordinary. I really wonder why the game bothered to introduce a weapon section in the soul forge, if all you can craft is the weekly event weapon on the week of its release, at arguably a higher cost than outright purchasing it for gems.


I would say it’s less aggravating as the board modification will often cause you less troubles, but gaining mana and keeping the board intact also offers advantages as you don’t risk losing good matches in occasion.

The right thing to do would be review every weapon and assign proper upgrades instead of the bad/wrong ones (like creating/destroying gems in weapons that doesn’t does that at all or magical increasing in weapons that doesn’t benefits from extra magic power), but the realistic/sensible thing the devs are compromised to do is applying global change that will achieve the original intent of generating some mana back.

But, then these upgrades fails even harder as the explosions were nerfed a second time, i’m just glad this is about to be over as i’ve been complaining and suggesting these “give X mana back” since July or something…


How is it not clear?


To be fair, I didn’t explicitly deny or claim that this would/would not happen (and we were referring to house-cats, not Raksha). :cat:


Ok then. In light of this information i offer you this cute gif with no secondary intentions/plans/schemes/agenda attached to it:



Bird says:
I can neither confirm nor deny this statement.


You said no plans for a cat faction which isn’t a no but is still dream crushing.

This can be the factions legendary


Would you want a cat faction? house cats not raksha

  • Yes
  • No

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Are wargare not dogs? (Wolves)
Are stryx not birds?

I’m failing to see how Raksha aren’t cats?
Pridelands will eventually get a faction and it will most likely be Raksa based.


Never said raksha aren’t cats. I’m just asking for more house cats like Lucky.


Why have a second cat type when we’ re still waiting for the Walrus type?
Not beast or wildfolk.
Walrus warriors, and shamen, and thieves…

A Walrus thieve is waaaaaay more stealthy then you’d expect.
And of course we’d need a Walrus Polar-Bear-Rider. The ultimate fighting machine.


Here you go.


Im starting to think the Raksha faction will be undead kitties or dogs or something.



Your design can be improved further with hyenas:

Or maybe something more flourished: