Gems of Streaming


And yes @Cyrup, you can have one too:


This came up on the stream.

I was curiously trying to find a review of GoW and definitely went down the rabbit hole instead. The composer is definitely good at what he does and his actual sound cloud has much more music than what the link provides.


Sequence of events. It probably first tries to Devour, then deals the damage, I wouldn’t bet on it though. I guess I’d prefer if they just listed the spell effects in the order they happen instead of stringing them into a sentence. Translating that must be fun. :dizzy_face:


Raksha - Rakashas out there :wink:


The cast has nothing to do with my point. The 3rd trait for Irongut is pretty much the same as Nimmues 3rd trait.


At this point in time the Warren preview will focus on the troops and not the layout. However, I will ask if I am able to show that off too, though it’s unlikely. :slight_smile: (It means a lot of messing around in the test server, etc.)


So what you’re saying is, we can only see a rabbit of the warrens?


It does with my point. Given the spell, I wouldn’t even mind the third trait reading “Show some extra sparkly effects at the start of battle”. I do agree with you, having a mythic trait that does roughly the same as an existing legendary one feels… uninspired.


On other hand i heard Yao guai moan about unfairness, why same grade troop steal a whole 1 more hp? sound like an OP trait a mythic should have :stuck_out_tongue:

On more serious note even if it was 5 hps wouldnt have made much difference, all of his traits are pretty lame imo and the only place i will try him are high lvl delves without any trait.


@Cyrup mentioned on the stream that guild leaders can also be kicked out of the guild. Does anyone know how this will work?


After 21 days (or so) of not logging in player gets a zzz icon in the guild roster. If that happens wirh a guild leader any player with guild rank 4 can promote himself to be a new guild leader. This was always done by support but it will now be a feature in game starting next patch


I see. Thanks for the explanation.


I need another account now. I will have that on my main account, Kit Sith on my second account, Dragon Kitty on my third and now I need another one for Lucky.


At level 1500 you can equip dual pets. One for each shoulder.

(Not really but would be a cool addition).


If that ever happens I’m going to be grinding my ass off.


lvl 2k able to dual wield weapons…i shall have a blast! xD


and then Irongut devours you anyways :smile:


You clearly need more than two arms…


I think that trading him to another family might be a bit extreme.


I’m having some fun making Tinseltail teams today, can’t wait to show our cute Christmas dragon off on stream tomorrow. She’s surprisingly savage!