Gems of Streaming



Also the Shaman class icon looks like a Candy Cane and I can’t unsee it


I thought it was a “she” to be the romantic pair of Glitterclaw… Or maybe Glitterclaw is the female… Or they are both males… Or both females…
But well, for the dragons in Krystara everything seems like fair game, even big turtles…

Edit: Both are females from the card’s quote.



@Cyrup is lending me her santa hat. Yay. I love the holidays. (Maybe.)


Speaking of, does Santa have a warm-weather suit for all the kids in the Southern Hemisphere? How does he avoid heatstroke when he visits Australia?


As he travels at night and on high altitudes i think he would be pretty ok for most of the time.


@Saltypatra is Live now, showing off the new Christmas troop, and the new 4.2 Update (which is live now FYI)!