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Gems of Streaming

Wait. New update? No beta testing? :man_facepalming:

No need to beta test new monetizations, they always seem to work no problem.


If the devs they don’t have time to fix any new issues it’s probably a good thing they’re not lumping the volunteers into the firing line.

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@Starlite it’s a smaller update, there won’t be big new features, which is what we use the beta testers for.

I thought I had posted, but my internet has been intermittent today, so it looks like it didn’t go through. My apologies. I’ll be back with PQ next week.


No worries, @saltypatra

I look forward to next week. :slight_smile:

Hey team, warning in advance. it’s a public holiday here tomorrow so no stream. I will combine the PQ and Gems of War stream on Thursday.


Extra long stream tomorrow!

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is the stream starting with the preview or PQ?

Preview first, then PQ. An hour of each. <3


Sirrian and Nimhain were on stream briefly.

For Gems of War, they brought up:

  • Wanting to do new kingdoms
  • Something Gnome related will happen

Wym about new kingdoms?

Relevant portion of yesterday’s stream, where Sirrian teases some “leaks” about what may be coming in the future.

Note: If the timestamp embed is not working correctly, the relevant portion of the stream starts at 1h24m and ends at 1h28m.

Also, in addition to TheIdleOne’s post, is the potential addition of campaign specific game features/modes and possibly, just possibly, adding those missing hero classes after all…

seems like Twitch embeds don’t work here anymore? or is it just me?

Kingdom of Doomskull Gnomes confirmed! :upside_down_face:

Pet Gnomes in Explore!

Ok, just dreaming :laughing:

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And they trigger rescues for pets from the kingdom you’re exploring! :scream:

Dream big :grin:


Omg, don’t even :sweat_smile: (still, my beating heart)

As long as f2p players can join in on the fun, sounds cool!

Double post, oops… but I have to say this; despite not wanting to get my hopes up, hearing about these leaks has got me excited. I really hope they do a good job and show us they’ve still got it!

A lot of our updates recently have been laying groundwork for bigger future updates. I’m really glad Nim and Sirrian got to jump on briefly yesterday!!!