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Gems of Streaming

But old resources are now being recycled to craft other useless old resources that no one asked for.

Growth orbs for Writs? Heaven’s No! People would do that and then be mad that they are short of growth orbs when they need to craft Power Orbs and then may actually buy Power orbs or chase them on leader boards to craft troops. What a dumb idea on my part! 🤦

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At least this way attention is brought to Saltys streams.

And I won’t quote @Saltypatra latest reply but I do remember reading it.
I get her point about these being smaller more frequent patches.
But after 6-7 straight pitches (or patches if you will) where the batter has hit either a base hit or a straight up single out.
A home run sure would be nice devs.
I figure might as well use a Baseball analogy. By now your staff may relate better to that game than you do to Gems of War based on what we’ve saw for a year straight now.

So, another flashing/blinking doodad in your face screaming BUY ME? I doubt this is going to be hidden away off of the main screen.

Arena change is actual QOL, and it has been asked for, so props for that. The confirmation button to avoid misclicks is a nice gesture (now add one to the gem button in PVP please).

I appreciate the VIP chest drop rate buff, even though I can’t remember the last time I opened those (too many sinks competing for my gems nowadays).


Just got the update on Xbox and got that game pass ultimate offer finally (shadow dragon/order and chaos and other stuff)

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Christmas stream tomorrow!

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Can someone please ask on stream about the permanent green ! on the shrine tab? Whether it’s intended or a bug.


I mentioned it last stream for ads and it was ignored, and my bug report was stamped not a bug. I will bring it up again though especially now that there is a lot of chatter about it.


@Saltypatra has already notified the team but isn’t sure if it will be addressed.


Anybody that watched the stream last week, do you recall if Salty said she’d be streaming at all this week?

I’m trying to deduct if the devs are even working this week or if we’re stuck with coal (aka black ice medals) for post Christmas?

I swear these event titles are a mini troll. Since black ice is all about something can be quite a bummer that you can’t see coming.

She’s not streaming this week. No idea if the entire office is off this week as well.

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I’m guessing that they are unfortunately. So this way whether the event was a mistake or on purpose.
The “experiment” will commence either way.

I mean if she’s not working, then God knows no one else on the staff will bother to check the forums on any other social media… or dare I say… Do the event this week… So if it is a bug… They won’t know nor care until after the event is over. 🤷

Thanks for the info though.

I think Salty in last week’s stream said the entire office closes this week. I think.

Just wait for another extra 34 treasure-hunt-tokens-related-2-kingdom after TH rework :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

We were indeed off last week, though I did pop my head in. I’ll be updating my streaming schedule soon.


Next two streams are in! See you tomorrow!


A stream for 18th January?..

New streams up!


@Saltypatra When will the shrine achievement be fixed on xbox? It’s been over a month now.

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It will be fixed with our next update. (Which isn’t too far off now.)


Would have been useful to post here that today’s stream was cancelled, preferably before the fact…

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