Gems of Streaming

No only through the Elite Pass via Campaign.


For free, you only get the top track of rewards. So, the 1000 star reward on the Free Pass is “Artifact Level 10”.

With the Elite pass, you also gain access to the bottom track, which is where the mythic as the 1000 star Elite reward.

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It’s strange that it’s +20 life + 5 armor +6 attack +6 magic. lol
Like it doesn’t follow any previous stat bonuses.

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Thanks turnituor and Smash for the image. It still won’t be easy to complete some of the delves with that bonus but I definiitely won’t turn down an extra 20 life and 6 magic.


It will change per campaign and I think will focus more on what the World Events are for the campaign



I hope except guild wars :grimacing:

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Confirmed it will be in GW as well

But if you hoped they wouldn’t effect Training battles then I have good news for you.

It was said on stream that these numbers are subject to change before going live and may not be final.

So… ¯\(ツ)/¯ until then.

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Guess what the top issue was that was discussed among beta testers?

I don’t think you will need three guesses on this one.

Also… there’s the side consequences of higher global stats affecting team score, which in turn affects PvP matchmaking, gold payouts, and all the usual issues that are talked about here on the forums.


Consequences for spending money on the game.
When is that rationality going to be addressed in a patch? (Question to the devs)

Clipped from the stream

Please note, these could change before the campaign releases.


Is treasure hunting task referring to a specific type of task? Like the one where you need to kill 20x The Gray Kings?

Correct. The one shown on stream was for 2 treasure hunts up to 60+ turns.

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Oh… Treasure Maps? I see now :pensive:.

I also see now that the game mode is called Treasure Hunt :sweat_smile:.

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Yeap have to do 60 moves using a Map.

I thought they said arena was the only mode the stat bonuses from the artifacts would not apply.

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So not only are they sort of paywalling a mythic, but also titles, emotes, and pets? Are these going to be obtainable as well without paying?

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Didn’t the number of 60+ turn tasks increase later in the campaign? Could have sworn there was as many as 10 runs needed on that task late in the campaign.

Awesome screenshot. Those 1000-1200 rewards look weak, though. Perhaps the attraction to buy the + pass is not needing a literal perfect on the entire campaign to earn the mythic.

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Excluding Arena.

There was no increase like that but we did have Silver Treasure Hunt 10x for 60+ turns.

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