Gems of Streaming

Personally, I think if the elite pass costed 1000 gems or $10, it would be something as you would need to either still play often or spend more grms for the mythic.

Weapons for crafting are on similar resource costs with crafting vs event shop.

Otherwise, I hope the campaign mythic is held in a separate slot for soulforge so we don’t have to wait until the next campaign finishes to get the last one.


From what was said in chat on stream, the campaign mythic will be added to normal pool as well.

I dont know from what point though, be it 4 weeks after the start, 4 weeks after it ends or what.

But it will be available for free players.

Same as the new epic weapons for kingdoms.

Is the pet going to be available outside Elite Pass?

Thanks, fixing that.

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It and the mythic should enter the normal pool after 4 weeks.

The pet is currently coded as cosmetic (subject to change before the campaign launches, of course). If the pet launches as cosmetic, that should also mean that the pet wouldn’t be available in the general pet pool?

True. I thought they mentioned it on the stream but I could certainly be mistaken.

wow those rewards are shieet.

They mentioned that some tasks will be e.g. ‘win x battles with a Mace’: did they mention anything about potential tasks e.g. ‘win x battles with Divinia’, or anything else that may make newcomers unable to complete their tasks (thus having to fork out Gems to advance, even if they have already paid $$ to try and get the Mythic?).

Can’t help but wonder how someone in the early/mid game would feel if they paid $$ for the Elite Pass to try and get to the mythic, but the tasks on Week 10 require them to e.g beat a faction lvl 500 or pay gems on top of gems to clear the insurmountable tasks…
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Is this patch just rehashing daily tasks before AB?


Question about Mythic: Players with the pass get it as reward if all reqs are met, or get ability to craft it?

When it becomes available in forge, is it normal mythic crafting, or Xathenos or Zuul type crafting?

Thank you @Lyrian @Redi1 @Smash for all the previews & recaps.


I like the idea of campaigns rewarding you for natural daily game-play covering a wide range of play preferences.
Maybe we could have writs (and now scrolls) added to the rewards?
The schedule of events outside campaigns confused me, but I can wait until after the patch to sort that out. Running Guild Events concurrently is the only thing that concerns me a little.


You get the Campaign unlocked at level 35. That means there are some minor blocks on troops if you dont have a certain type or on weapons. The bigger blocks will be delves, arena, and treasure hunt that are blocked by kingdom progression. The biggest will perhaps be pets and the later weeks of the campaign that require you to beat level 110 delves or D10 explores.


Do they plan to add extra way to get forge scroll? 11 weeks for one colour, so if you miss that week you need to wait more than a year. That seems too long.


Players with elite pass (or +) should get it when completing 1000 stars.

For the rest of us, the image shows it as a normal mythic so it should be craftable as a normal mythic. That is guesswork though.

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How the hell will that work if you have them all to 2500??

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How is possible for the players already finished all factions to play level 110 delve?

Beat it at 500 again.

Level 110+.


Beat it at 500 or on a Tuesday Faction event