Gems of Streaming

Nothing worse then being out of salt. I keep a 1lb container on my desk so I may liberally salt my salad at lunch that my lovely wife makes for me.

Wait do I need to say something :face_with_hand_over_mouth: wait m too Salty but with a kick :speaking_head:

You’re here and I am not.
That’s not good enough. :wink:

Don’t worry, I have a full stockpile of all essential supplies at my disposal again, including salt.

TODAY IS THE TIDECALLER PREVIEW! Woohoo!~ Lets check out the class and weapon!

I might also show off the legendary coming next week, Starflower, if we have time. :slight_smile:

Watch @Saltypatra live right now on Twitch showing off the new class and co. As per usual, there will be some codes to give away for reaching different milestones, so invite your dog, cat, parrot, dragon, slime or any other friends to join in with the fun!

Thanks for joining me today! I had a great time showing off Tidecaller and our upcoming Legendary, Starflower.

Couldn’t say till the end but I really enjoyed it this time :slightly_smiling_face:

Pssst, look at this!!!


Where is the stream again? Old Puzzle Quest fans on the I2 forum might be interested…

it’s on the top of the thread…

Mythic preview today! Can’t wait!

@Saltypatra is live now showing off the new Mythic! Join her for some codes, games and possibly some cheeky Fight Club!

Psssst, big update for you all!!!


Thank you! If it’s below the “Each time we get 500 followers…”, it’s blocked for me on this computer. I couldn’t see anywhere else in the OP the link like you just posted, hence the question :slight_smile:

Puzzle Quest stream today!!! Join us if you’re keen.

Aaaaah I’m so excited!!!


Makes me miss the fantasy style GOW used to have. I wish we had an option to revert to old style I would do it in a heartbeat. In fact I would even be willing to pay $ for it.


I also miss it but when i see the price of other stuff, the exclusive xbox pet as example, i can’t imagine how much it would cost to revert to the old style…

Why does she look like she is streaming from an Igloo :joy:

Because the stream tends to freeze.