Gems of Streaming

She’s in Australia, which is a bit cold right now.

It’s winter in Melbourne, which gets quite chilly! Also I’m a person who is perpetually cold in general, so I rug up all the time in scarves, coats and jackets. You’ll probably notice I’m also a huge fan of turtlenecks too.

And winter fashion is amazing, there’s nothing better than a wicked coat with hood!

Except for the fact she’s in an office building… and it doesn’t get that cold there.

I’m not understanding why there is always so much conversation about my winter clothes and coats! I get cold easily, so even in an office I’m always wrapped in a blanket for wearing a warm sweater or jacket. Always.

(Also, I don’t feel comfortable showing much skin on stream or in real life, so I’m more comfortable emotionally AND physically when I wear a coat. I feel more confident and more cozy.)

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Not everyone can be as confident showing skin as @Sirrian is


All that delicious forehead.


Don’t worry;) You look gorgeous Salty :heart_eyes:

505 need some merch like sweatshirts ,onesies ect with gems big pic of ur favourite troop on the back ect

@Saltypatra, any interest in mods for Puzzle Quest?

I think the Plague Lord expansion would be good to add, although you already made your character and one of the major additions was 4 new classes :sweat_smile:. I can link you to a copy of the expansion, but I imagine you guys have a copy internally too.

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They should definitely make a PC version of the addon for Puzzle Quest 1. It was never available on PC.

Sun is your friend, not your enemy.

I am talking about short-term exposure, like 30 minutes minimum, once or twice a day.
You could probably use a bit more of vitamin D, D3, and only the Sun can help you with this.
I hope that you have a balcony.

P.S.: Less makeup is actually better, not worse. Also, don’t use ammonia-based hair dyes.

The rest is tip-top.

There’s an unofficial link on Steam where some player putted a mod - Revenge of the Plague Lord.

Link is here:

Screenshot on PC:


Yeah that’s the one I saw too. I bought the game again and started a new play through with that expansion/mod. (boy is it more frustrating than I remember. Cheating AI!)

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Yes, the AI clearly cheats and favors itself.
I have a feeling that Gems of War is quite similar in that respect.

Has another quarter already gone by? My, how time flies in Krystara. Time to indulge in one of our favorite pastimes of watching the Update Preview stream, munching popcorn, and flipping tables over the newly announced features coming to the game.

As what almost seems like tradition at this point, I’ll be volunteering dictation services for tomorrow’s stream for those who can’t make the stream.

Are you also posting the screenshot thread, as usual, @Rickygervais?


Sorry to bother again, but are the streams archived or past one able to be viewed? I didn’t see anything in the OP unless it’s in the blocked stuff again. I’m particularly interested in the PQ1 stream from last week.

You can view the previous streams on the Videos tab of their Twitch account.

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I will try, not sure if i will be back home at this time but i can do it for the next day

I know salty like to see herself on sreenshots :stuck_out_tongue:

@Koromac, these are all very good points, and why I have to take vitamin D tablets daily. Since taking them my levels are very good, courtesy of my last blood test and visit to the doctor.

And you can pry my make up from my cold, dead, pale hands. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s excited for the stream today???


PS, our special guest will be @Ozball!!!