Gems of Streaming


It takes a lot of time to set up Stream and run it! I would like to join more, but it’s not something I have time for at the moment. Maybe later in the year if Salty will have me. :nerd_face:


Wasn’t it offered already? An idea for the “fight club”: trying to create counters for some tough defence teams, like “Divine team” (Infernus / Ubastet / Divine Ishbaala as a base), “Dragon’s Eye team” (a hero with Dragon’s Eye and some brown boosters), “Lust team” (Lust / Firebomb / Sunbird with some summoners), “Gold team” (a hero with Bronzelock Pistol / Bonnie Rose / Greed / Cedric Sparklesack or whatever gold miners) etc. Teams that people may meet in PvP anytime. Play good counters for each of them, maybe select one tough defence team per stream.


Hey hi hello it is I, Salty. I have returned from the far land of Canadia, resplendant with snow and skiing, and will be streaming again tomorrow.

I am so proud of how well @Cyrup did while I was away! I’d love to do more streams with her in the future, schedules permitting.


The next four streams are in!


Any chance of a dev QA this month @Saltypatra?


Whilst I can’t answer the Dev Q&A question, it looks like I will joining Salty for valentines day :heart: Stream!


Cool! Could you please go some delves with Qilin?

And for people who wonder how it spells: it is [tsi-'lin] or [chi-'lin]. A word from Chinese - means Chinese unicorn. (NOT like [ki-lin] nor even [kai-lin] nor [kwai-lin]).


I can’t wait to stream today! I’ve also done some team building with Qilin and am really enjoying our new legendary. (I also have a total of 4 codes to release!)


Welcome back salty! We love you!


:sob: :sob: I see


I love you too cyrup :slight_smile:



Join @Saltypatra building teams and previewing the upcoming Legendary Qilin. There are codes a-plenty, so come in to watch and welcome Salty back from her holidays!


Tomorrow is our Valentine’s day stream!

Me and @Cyrup has some seriously romantic codes to release, and we will be showing you the love.

We will be reading out a selection of Krystaran poetry, so please feel free to pen some verses in chat, or leave them here for us to opine to the masses tomorrow. (We had some great stuff last week, and can’t wait to see what you all come up with this time. We will be releasing codes for viewer milestones AND amazing poetry, so pick up your pen or prep your keyboard, and hop to it!)


Romantic codes eh? Let’s roleplay and get a little naughty by releasing some for consoles.


Alas, the true reason that consoles don’t get codes was never due to legal issues. I simply got salty that Xbox and PS4 never called me back and ghosted me, so in revenge I decided to withhold codes.


*Nods*. Checks out.


is PS4 (10 chars)


So in other words Switch players will be able to use codes? Yay! :grinning:



I don’t understand how you have come to this conclusion.