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Gems of Streaming

This really depends on what “triggers a pet rescue” means. Would this chain of events be possible?

1.) Use bait, start battle that now contains a guaranteed pet gnome.
2.) Wait for another guild member to stumble over a pet gnome and activate a pet rescue.
3.) Kill own gnome to receive two white pet food without using up bait.

If yes, that’s a lot of free pet food for anybody holding on to bait in a somewhat well organized guild.

Salty wanted to hear some positive feedback about 4.7. While it’s hard to give useful feedback about resource acquisition and management (more, good! less, bad!), I’ll bite:

  • The new guild guardian release is being handled pretty well. Super jazzed about drops ending at mythic+4 for these (especially great that you are making this retroactive for the existing guardians). Troop acquisition is a big source of RNG annoyance, and cutting down on this is a good thing. That’s what made releasing new troops through factions such an improvement - you generally can target what you want, and minimize all the crap you have to sift through compared to opening overworld chests.

  • The fact that the new guild guardians look like they might be usable is also a good thing. Of course, the current guild guardians were good once upon a time too, and I fear that the new ones could get nerfed into oblivion, but it’s good to have new troops that are usable. For four of the troop types, the guardians will be major additions, and I can’t count out the Naga and Urska ones joining them in being useful.

  • The 27/30 GW change is a nice improvement, helping smooth out some of the luck swings that can happen. I also like the extra perk for winning a bracket, makes the placements for guilds outside of the top 10 more meaningful.

Honorable Mention: Adding the level 50 delve to be always be available. Having less ways for players to shoot themselves in the foot is a good thing.

While more transparency at the outset would’ve been better (particularly on the actual reasons behind the change, and the fact that community feedback was being solicited; the v3 post was a major step in the right direction), I do think the epic task fiasco was handled overall pretty well. Delivering bad news is not easy, and I like that steps were taken to give players maximum notice. And though it’s unfortunate that it took three rounds, telling players that it was about capturing tied up value in LTs showed laudable openness to the player base.

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Yes, but the guild that finished 10th came in last, while the other guild won their bracket. And for all the guilds not in the top bracket, this new system will at least give some reward for winning. 10th place can try winning bracket 2 next wars if they feel cheated.

As for all the dead guilds, they shouldn’t get the same rewards as those making the climb.

They finished last against the 9 best guild wars opponents in the game that month. While 11th placed competed against the 11th-20th best guild wars guilds in the game. Lesser opponents shouldn’t net you higher rewards.

Well when they drop to next bracket then they can get the 50 Gems from winning. The solution is stay in bracket 1 and top 3 or so spots is best.

Hypothetically speaking, a “top guild” could blow itself up after a ToD event, and lose half its player base. This “Hypothetical Guild” (or HG for short), would finish 10th, and drop only one bracket. Most losers drop 2, but let’s not punish HG too much. The next war, still out matched, HG finishes 20, then 40, then 60. Their Gem rewards under the old system would be 200, 125, 125, and 100. HG’s total for coming in last in 4 wars is 550 gems.

Now take my Guild, winners of Bracket 24, 38, 47, 59, 76, and 84. (we finished 2nd in 88). 50 gems x2, 25 x 5 (including the 2nd place finish. 225 gems in 7 wars compared to HG’s 550 in 4, despite the fact we have 30 participants and they, well, not so much. Hypothetically speaking.

The 10th place team receives the same rewards as 11-19. They do not receive a WIN bonus. They would have to win in order to receive that. Hopefully the 10th place team does not self-destruct as the HG in my example. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

And if the GW Brackets are similar on PC/Mobile, the top 6 guilds rarely change, and the 9th and 10th guilds will be back the following wars after finishing 11/12 in the next one. After this new, requested 27/30 participation, if a guild fails, it is their own fault. No more excuses. For the Horde.


Lol, that is all


Wait I think that actually did happen hypothetically of course. Anything referenced in the example that matches real life is purely a coincidence and was not intended. :sunglasses:


Updated our streaming schedule for the next few weeks. :slight_smile:


If possible, could someone please ask @saltypatra how brackets will be seeded under the new 27/30 scoring. I will be unable to attend the viewing party, but I would really like to know.

We moved up from 24 to 16, after scoring 1.21 million points (down from 1.31 the previous war). But our overall score would have beaten the top 3 guilds from brackets 23 thru 25. So, is it overall score, % of bracket, a bit of both?

We’ll have to earn our victory this time, as the Bracket 30 and 18 winners also are in b16. The b17 runner-up remains in b17 tho. I thought the 2nd place guild moves up 1. Were they on double secret probation?

One thing is for certain: All b16 participants will earn less gems than the HG in my previous example, as they possibly finish 80th. Thanks for adding the bracket win bonus to those guilds that earn it. I’m ok with it not being us. I just hope we get to vs the other 2 previous winners (1/3 chance we won’t). Gives us a chance, Precious.

Any information provided is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I suppose it’s worth asking, but I’m pretty sure nothing has changed for how brackets are done. Each day, the top 27 scores will count. End of the week, day scores are added up and that is your final score that determines your bracket position and what bracket you end up in for next war.

There’s some secret sauce at play when moving between brackets. There’s no clear rule on who moves up/down, it depends on the scores in the bracket and nearby brackets somehow.

I understand the secret sauce aspect of the whole thing, and I don’t know what score was achieved by the 162nd ranked guild. But to stay in the same bracket after finishing second just seems wrong to me. There have to be guilds worthy of dropping to make room, even if it means dropping a dead guild more than two brackets. Hypothetically speaking.

I have some bad news, but I’m going to have to cancel today’s stream. I’m not feeling well, and I apologise. I was excited to celebrate with you all, but I should be back on my feet soon.


Take care and get well soon.


don’t worry there will be plenty of time in the PQ stream if your feeling better by then

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Take care of yourself. There will always be other streams to host. Hope you feel better soon.

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Hope you get better.

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Take good care and rest well Salty <3

It’s a shame that fan favorite @Ozball couldn’t cover he stream for you.

get well soon…