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Gem Sliders (bring them back)

@Sirrian and @Nimhain
Now that the help section is more readily available.

Can you please bring back Gem Sliders for defenses?
You get to show off how you want the AI to work in 90% of the other game modes. If people were able to customize their defenses again then Ranked PVP would actually be peer vs peer instead of Peer vs AI with a defense set by the person with that as the only input.

(For those that don’t know. Gem Sliders allowed the player to tell the AI for their defense which gems to prioritize. It was removed because people didn’t know how to use them effectively. When done right, the defense would be a better challenge then the hardest AI available. When done wrong, it was like facing 4 Fire Bombs. Which is also why gem sliders should be brought back. People who want an easy defense already make that happen with Fire Bomb teams.)


Also, can we PLEASE get hero class and talent tree fixed on defense? Right now we have to choose between effective offense and defense in GW, and some people just wait till later days to attack so they can bypass optimal defense. All details of the defense should be frozen and set independent of or current class


Yes! Give me gem sliders and independent defense or give me death!


I really enjoyed the gem sliders and was sad to see them go. There are several defenses where the color in my third slot is the priority, but I know the AI isn’t going to prioritize that way. Also, I would love to use more troops that explode gems first turn on defense, but right now that means giving the opponent an edge as they reap the benefits.


I’m going to go out on a giant limb on this one.

Gem sliders aren’t coming back. This has been said multiple times now. But why, though?

My prognostication is this… there is a new asynchronous PvP system that has been in the oven for quite awhile, and gem sliders (or defense teams as we currently know it) have no place in the new system.

There’s been some breadcrumbs dropped over the last few dev streams, which is par for the course. The new system may come as soon as 4.3. With a retooling of PvP, this could also generate a new version of Guild Wars (for better or worse) and very well may be the point where the 50-gem class change fee is retired (as the need for the artificial restriction will not be needed in the new PvP system).

Will have to see what the devs leave as breadcrumbs on tomorrow’s Q&A stream on this matter.