Please re-think the exploders/gem producer teams and the new 2x, 3x - diagonal gem types

I normally just play now, – just whatever; but yesterday I watched as Goblin teams in GW basically took over and never got the board back because of the insane number of 2x, 3x, 4x diagonal gem types showing up + they already get the extra turn

3 of the 5 matches I got my initial turn and never GOT the board back. That - just doesn’t even seem like a Guild war when it’s an AI additive that can’t be controlled at all.

So I decided to see how an exploder/gem producer team for (explodes x number of gems or produces x number of colored gems). And as expected - not as controlling though I did manage to keep the board on my second turn… once.

Going to do a bit more stats, but seriously…22 turns just because of the 2x/3x etc matches…

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Generally my strong preference would to not have any random heroic gems fall in GW as they take away from the skill and strategy. Ones created by troops like Hatir, Flaming Oni or Archproxy Yvendra are fine, those are all part of the team design