Gem Shop Unavailable

The gem Shop in game has been unavailable for 3 days. My daily gems expired and I wanted to renew it. I was able to do so thru the Playstation store directly. When I signed out and back on they appeared in game. Wondering why the store is down. Anyone else seeing this too?

Also the prices for some of the bundles are not showing in game. All of the bundles are there and I can buy them thru the game, they are just missing the prices. The box is blank.

Maybe the two problems are related?

I have the same issue.
It’s been like this for the last couple of weeks for me. I was hoping that the last patch would fix it but it’s still broken. I’ve attached a screen shot. I real hope it gets fixed soon.
As I recall it started right after i got a free bonus pack from the PlayStation network however i had purchased the daily gems pack 1 or 2 days before.

Huh. That should not be.

What part of the world are you in? And can you remember exactly when you stopped seeing stuff on the store? Was it when we released the most recent update, toward the end of April?

I am on the PS4, in the US and mine started on Friday last week. I had NO problems before then. The screen German Lord posted is exactly what I see. Also, the prices on some of the items in the bundles disappeared at the sametime.


Update…I signed in a few minutes ago and the shop was still unavailable but the shop did give me my weekly gems. Thought this piece of information might help.

That’s strange. The gems shop should work in the US. I just logged into the PS4 version a few moments ago here in Oregon, and the gems shop came up with no issue.

Can you submit a ticket to Customer Support?

There may be something unique about your game or your set up that is causing this issue, so the more information you can include, the easier it will be to figure out what’s happening here.

I have actually been experiencing the same issue with gem shop for awhile.

I’m in Minnesota. When I get home from work today I will check gems and see if the issue persists, if it does, I will submit a ticket.

Please do! And include as much info as you can.

Sorry about the delay, when I get home today I will submit a ticket, still having the same error screen.

I haven´t been able to use the gem store since the last ps4 patch.
But i have another ticket regarding my kingdom bonus aplying to the opponent in pvp which they don´t seem to wanna help with.
Also the sound disapears every 4-5 matches and i have to restart the game.

I opened the ticket on the Gem Shop Issue and my still has not appeared. But, I can shop directly in the Playstation store and the items appear in game.
I too am experiencing the sound design issue Hesja mentions. I have checked all my sound settings in game on the PS4, everything is set properly. It only seems to be in this game.

This issue happens on pc/app as well. it is caused by 4 different corrupted files in the game cache. Reinstalling does not fix the issue either.

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Thanks killerman3333. Is it possible to fix?

To Developers, how do we fix these files?

On pc you have to repair or replace the corrupted files through the steam cache checker. However you should put in a ticket to fix the app/ps4/xbox version.

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Thanks for the info killerman3333.

You are welcome

Same problem here, I’m hailing from Switzerland, so it ain’t no US only problem. Might create a ticket as well, but then again, if every player now creates tickets, that’ll cause some heavy traffic on the developer’s side… almost feel pity for 'em!

They are still working on my ticketeam and have been very responsive. Just working thru options. Information about your situation might shed more light on the problem. I cannot even purchases items directly from the Playstation store anymore. They used to come in to the game but now they do not.

Create the ticket. Thanks

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[quote=“Gemgirl, post:17, topic:6516, full:true”]Create the ticket. Thanks

Done, can’t hurt to have more than 1 ticket open

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Agreed. Thanks.

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I also put in a ticket ages ago. Has been down for me since April 1st update :confused: