Dungeon packs broken?


One of my guildies has had this screen all day every time he tries to get onto the dungeon packs - anyone else getting this on PS4?
He clicks on it & it takes him to the PS Store then says the item can’t be found.


Same for me. Looks exactly the same and brings me to ps store where it says it can’t be found.


I posted in known bugs thread


Thanks, I’m about to submit a ticket to fight it on all fronts…


Go for it, hopefully it’s fixed by Sunday. The day I do buy them both.


I wonder if they are finally getting around to making that pack $5 instead of 150 gems (like it is for every other platform).


I really hope not - that will be the final straw for some!


It shouldn’t be. Our store has just been wrong since they brought in the Soulforge and everyone else has had to pay cash to get that pack from day 1. I’ll need to think about my purchase behavior going forward, but if anything, it will just be a matter of switching from daily gems to this. I might stick with the daily gems and start ignoring these packs if we can’t buy them for gems anymore.


I would never spend money on gems of war, not because I don’t want to support, but simply because none of the packs is worth it…


I thought xbox had the same option to buy for gems?
Still crap to change it with no warning - if we’d had notice they could have taken even more gems out of our stash :rofl:



Seriously though, I bought the Obsidian pack when I started and felt like that was good value for $5 (exclusive armor that boosts gold/souls/exp) and have bought a lot of $5 daily gems packs. I don’t think I’ve spent money on anything else, though if I could go back in time, I might have pulled the trigger on Deathknight Armor a long time ago. I never thought that I would play this game for so long or that souls would actually matter again.

I think, but I’m not sure, that their packs got corrected fairly soon after they were introduced. I’m sure @Rickygervais or @UKresistance could clear that up, though.


Hey I’m not judging you or anything, was just my opinion indeed :slight_smile:


Yeah this pack is 5$ on xbox


The 5$ daily dungeon bonus pack could be bought infinite times if you kept clicking buy from the xbox store, once you exited it you could not buy it again that day.
Not sure if it still works, can’t be considered a cheat since they take my money, and a great way to get lots of diamonds quick.


Hi guys, we have confirmed this bug and are looking into it now. Please contact support if you didn’t get the back with a screenshot/photo of the pack issue.

Is this issue showing for you on XBox as well?


Nope on xbox we see it a 5$ when you buy it. That bring you to microsoft store also at 5$


This is now fixed.

It appears that players who tried to purchase the pack were never charged or given anything, so after restarting you should be able to purchase the deal and correctly get what you wanted.