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Gather Round My Lost Heroes: City of Heroes Thread

So oddly enough I discovered last night that there is a hidden batch of ex CoH players on GoW of all games and I’m making this topic for all those lost heroes and villains to reconnect and see just how many of us are actually on here.

You can share anything about your time with the game, for example my main hero for the longest time was General Sniper, a AR/dev blaster on Guardian server and long time member of the super group Strike Force.

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I played for 4 1/2 years, but mostly on the villain side :stuck_out_tongue: I was on Triumph with my main being a SS/FA brute, but I mostly liked to play dominators or debuff.

I was a huge fan of CoH!

Played on Pinnacle for my RP pirate-themed super group. Which was amazing.

I enjoyed my SS/WP brute since it could tank big groups and grind through them but I really liked playing on corruptors, especially the dark, cold and kin secondary ones, never got into rad secondary but it was always great having one on a team for AV/hero’s.

and yet they never added Pirate Masterminds that people wanted so badly.

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Yeah rad/dark/cold/poison/traps were always fun to play. I liked my mind/fire dom and my dark/cold corr for pvp, well and of course any stalker with spirit shark :stuck_out_tongue:

I played a mastermind named “Brainy Snot” - who used the ninja-themed mastermind powerset. But in my fiction, they were robot ninja! When chatting I would always tell people I had an army of robots - so they expected the robot-themed set…

Sometimes it’s hard not to break character!

CoX was the best…

Marcus, that was a pretty amazing thing to bump into so many fellow City of Heroes fans yesterday.

I played on Virtue, and though I favored the Villain side a lot, I had a ridiculous amount of characters. My first was a Fire/Axe tank, but I had at least one or two of every AT and got quite a few to 50. Two of my favorites were a couple of my villains - Dr. Stinkenfooten the Plants/Fire Dom, and Tammany Fig the Claws/SR Stalker.

Man, such good times in that game.

I always thought the game had a ridiculous amount of made from scratch lore, all the groups had an actual background story and the history/story in the game was so fleshed out too, even individual areas like the creepy Dark Astoria or Perez Park.

I used to love superjumping around Dark Astoria. Thanks to the fog/darkness you never quite knew what you might be jumping into. And the giant zone monsters that would pop up in some zones were a lot of fun.