Double the guild, double the fun?

One Heroes United is enough surely… :stuck_out_tongue:

For the devs: Display bug resolved itself on leaving and reentering the League screen.


You might say that Heroes United…
( •
•)>⌐■-■ puts on sunglasses



That pun gave me a little bit of cancer.


Its the secret Shadow Heroes United! Nobody’s supposed to know! Guess we’ll have to kill you all now…

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One of them has to be Heroes City. :slightly_smiling:


Yeah i have seen this bug also multiple times.

Also still a thing: two #1s.

Only works if you’re in a top 25 guild - hitting the ‘show top’ button goes back to 1 2 3 4 etc.

Unless its just been me this whole time.

More likely it only works if you’re in the top guild. I don’t see it in either view.

We all know who the top guild is!

Yes @RiverSong, I know, you are coming for us.

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Speaking of @RiverSong , he has been really off this last couple of days, I guess pulling 8k trophies without steroids in order to not be suspicious must be harder than what I think.


Play nice @Serale, let’s not judge without proof, less we be judged.

I think @RiverSong is a she also… Her avatar is a woman holding a gun.
… Then again, yours is a girl holding a piece of paper… So what the frack do I know!

I’m not sure what you mean by being “off”, @Serale. I’m on track for my usual 4-500 trophies per week. Or did you have something else in mind?

Don’t get me wrong, the more trophies they do, the more easy to me would be to make changes in the guild! :smiley: I am happy if they manage to keep up the same rate. ^-^

It’s not just you. It shows the same for me also. I was wondering about this earlier and I happened to see your post about the same thing.

As Mr. @yonizaf said, and I said it on a post of Mr. @MarvelKit long time ago, it only happens to members of MM. This was notified to the devs quite some time ago but after a couple of patches it doesn’t have been fix, my guess is that theres no actual solution for it, or, they just don’t care as it is something really small that affects none or only 29 people because I don’t mind either.

It’s a problem in the way the query returns data for the leaderboard… if we fix it the quick-and-dirty way, we actually cause another minor problem that will affect MORE people. Although it sounds like a simple fix, the way we handle the leaderboards is actually a little unorthodox; it’s a victim of the way our server-provider charges us for server-usage (number of queries per second). The code was optimized to minimize the number of queries, which has been the root of this problem.

So… it needs rewritten!

We know there is a guild update coming ,so we’ve continuously been pushing it back in the priority list until the guild update.