Four million and a few more reasons to celebrate

Once more I would like to congratulate my guildmates for the many milestones that we have reached last week.

→ We hit the 4 million trophies (and took the SS at the appropriate moment!)

→ We celebrated our second anniversary as the top guild on PC / Mobile

→ We broke the record of points by 17K for our 8th victory in GW

→ And… correct me if I am wrong and TUF already did it before @PGSundling @Arelana… I think that the previous week we have been the first alliance of guilds to have 3 guilds in the top 15.

Thanks again to the best guildmates for the hard work and all the fun. And congrats to our friends in Marthos Guardians and Light Army.


Top accomplishments by the top guild. Way to go guys.


Congratulations, especially for the timely screenshot! :laughing:


Congratulations @Aelthwyn and Anon! :grinning:

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Awesome @Aelthwyn. Congratulations to you and your hard working team. :+1:

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Congratulations Anon for this performance :wink: .

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@Aelthwyn we’re close to three in the top 40. Power Gems just needs to rise a bit from 41 to make it happen. That’s far off from 15.

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Thanks everyone!

@PGSundling Yes, I see your guilds are doing great. imeant for the weekly trophies, not the top 50 leaderboard.

Congrats Anonymous on staying awesome!!!


Thanks @Brakkish! It is so nice to read you! Are you still playing GoW?

Taking the screenshot was the most difficult part!

I started playing again after noticing the most recent update. It’s been a while, so I have a lot of fun stuff to catch up on.

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Great. It is nice to see you back.
We are still talking about you and your peasant challenge. Feel free to rejoin our server (on our recruitment thread) and say hi if you feel like it. There are still many names that you will recognize.

Welcome back mate. Do pop by on discord and say hi.

lol Great minds…

Think socially?