4th guild to 4 million, but 1st guild to

…Get to 4 million trophies without all our guild statues at 200. :grinning:
Which I personally think is hilarious.
So much in the game can be accomplished by a guild prior to maxing a part that is pretty much blocked by a time wall. The guild turns 3 in December so I’m guessing the fastest a guild could get them all to 200 is at least 2 years. The guild was 5 months old before we started finishing all the tasks. (Legendary Tasks were nerfed a month later. :roll_eyes:)

Image was censored to make this post the least contentious as possible. While still pointing out an accomplishment that will most likely never be broken.

Amazing job to current and alumni of AWR! Congratulations!


Congrats :partying_face:

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Congrats. I’m hopeful that my guild will b here long enough 2 get to 1 mil even.

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Gratz AWR…Stinks about the GS, bit 4 mill is the shiz-nitz!!

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