Off Topic: Marvel Puzzle Quest

Anyone up on this awesome match-3 puzzler? I highly recommend this game if you want another game to play.

Played it. Hated shield hopping, and forced playtime around end times to stay keep you’re alliance at the top.

Quit as soon as GoW hit Android. Go back and try it from time to time, but they went so far as to pull the rug out from under hero points I had purchased.

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I played it for quite a lot a few years back. I got frustrated at running out of hero slots, and not having enough currency to buy more. I wanted to collect every hero, not choose which to keep and which to throw away. It is a real shame too because the rest of the game was pretty decent.

I tried it a while back, opinion was something like ‘Why would I ever play this when I have Gems?’ And that was before I read the reviews about their end-game stupidity.


I’m not sure we should be using the GoW forum to actively recommend other ganes, especially one that’s a clear competitor.

That said, anyone who’s played GoW should have no reason to go near that egregious paywall waste-of-time.


I also don’t really understand why people would play that game when they have Gems, apart from Marvel fandom. It’s been a long time since I played it, but I’m very curious to know why someone would. What does it have that Gems does not? What do you think makes it a decent game?

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Oh gee, it isn’t like they made a CONSOLE VERSION!! Oh wait, they did. It costs $15 on Xbox and PS4 and it works MUCH better there than on mobile. If you’re gonna play MPQ on anything, spend the bits and get it on consoles.

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Most definitely! AboveOmnipotent XBOX ONE.

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