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GaP is such a gap

For me GaP events kills the game. It devaluate all other events trophys, its like a horn of plentyness, or, if you want, like 50 sugar cubes been put in one single cup of tea. Had lost much interest in game since it was added.

Returning of monthly doomtower events would have been much better “deinnovation”.


Clicks on non-existent dislike button.


You are definitely in the minority with that opinion. Most players I’m sure are loving the extra rewards and look forward to each vault event.


You can just ignore it as it is… You can still do your every day routine. :man_shrugging: No Event participation is obligatory in GoW…


@Black_Wolf GAP is the best thing that happened. You can technically be guild-less and still survive. Free of requirements and rules. Can skip weekly annoying events too.


GAP does absolutely nothing to buff trophy generating.

It might encourage play (it definitely did the first 24 hours) but it’s difficult to assert how giving others an extra reason to play turns you off the the game.

OP smells a bit trollish to me.

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I think OP meant rewards.

But yeah, I don’t feel any less interested in playing the other events than before.

I’m happy to get the extra resources and still look forward to most other events aside from Arena weekend - but the lack of interest in that is not because of GaPs.

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There is a pay wall called campaign which you pay money every 11 weeks and even if you pay you still need to upgrade Legendary troops to mythic via vault keys because the troops are not found any where else. The troops are also very rare and you need 5 more copies. You are complaining about the only way to basically get those vault keys in any good numbers! My goodness I have to SMH. I just say if you don’t like GAP then by all means do not play it. I do not like arena so that weekend I do not play much other than the daily stuff. I’m not actively trying to get them to get rid of it because it’s boring much like bounty which I barely play.


bring back that crazy Thursday , when gaps first where release, it was fun , dont have to do it every gap but 4x a yr brought life into the game

I hear only extatic exclamations from gamblers. All this freebie fest is closer for free non-risk roulette. Of course many people do like freebie, but its not about strategy or rpg or whatever. Guild wars - yes, but GW event is only once a month. Other modes are just overboring grinding. But to keep players interested devs add GaP injections, not an interesting competitive modes, that require not thousands of gems and stone bottom, but some brain work.

My only response is play the modes you like and not the ones you don’t. That’s what I do. If you find a week that there are no modes you like playing then play another game or watch a movie or perhaps go jogging I hear it’s healthy for you.


What does the acronym gap stand for?


Available in the Soul Forge.

This is a single player game. How you enjoy it is up to you ofc. Simply don’t do GaP I guess?

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