Tower of Doom vs Guild Wars

I just want to ask how many of you miss having guild wars every week? It seems to me that this new tower of Doom is more geared towards each person spending money to buy more gems so you spend more gems just to get anywhere in the game.


Well if it’s comforting you some what…. You’re not alone in that.
The enemies are so ridiculously strong at a certain moment that’s to crazy for words…:crazy_face:
And I also wish GW would be every week again… But I suppose that will happen only in our dreams… :sleeping:

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I don´t agree. I participate in every Guildevent and most of the time i buy Tier V sometimes more sometimes less. This week i bought Tier VII and the last time i spend money on this game was in February 2017. You can make it all without spending money on the game. Btw, i don´t need it to read my name on the eventleaderboard and i dont need Zuul to get on in the game. :wink:
And im very happy about the fact guildwars are only all 4 weeks. I left game because of guildwars and i returned because of Raid and Invasion. And i love the delves and the new event.

This is the 4th or 5th active thread on the topic and I think the best way to summarize it is:

  • The forums really like GW.
  • This wasn’t clear before the new events came out, since a lot of discussion revolved around how we needed new, non-GW events to shake things up.
  • People don’t want GW every week and, provably, wanted it to be less frequent when it was every week. (There were also people who liked it that way.)
  • Dropping any one event to make room for an extra GW makes enough people unhappy it’s not worth it, because some people lose their favorite event and everyone has to play their less-favorite events more.
  • Adding an extra GW on top of the other events is also bad, because every mode has a group of people who feel it takes too much time/resources and feels overloaded.

I think this is a disingenuous statement. Guild Wars costs gems, glory, gold AND souls. It requires arguably MORE resources than any other event type.

You could say “you don’t have to spend to play Guild Wars” but I can say that same thing about every other event. Guild Wars gives you 5 battles for free. The other events give a similar amount of free battles.

To answer the original question so I don’t get reported to derailing a thread, no. I do not miss weekly Guild Wars.

First and foremost I want to Thank you for all the replies, maybe I should explain better.
I love guild wars and miss having them more often.
I like the delves
I like the invasions
The raid is ok and I only say that because it seems like it takes forever
The tower of Doom is ok, but it felt like I was getting no where until I spent all of my gems
And in my opinion the rewards could be better to at least make you feel like you are getting somwhere.

The only thing that has kept me playing is I am part of an awesome guild.

So I was just wondering how many miss guild wars and how many have had a really hard time with tower of Doom.

That’s just silly. Gems are the most valuable resource in the game. You should really analyze the cost of Sentinels. Also, keep in mind guilds can win their brackets without upgrading a single sentinel. No one can make the Leaderboards in the other guild events without spending lots of gems.


Guild wars cost resources??? Have you ever joined in Guild wars? It’s about the only thing that cost a minimum on resources. And it cost less than you can earn contrary to Doom. With this I mean to get to a reasonable level. You are even able to play it without spending any resources and still beat all opponents. Try that in Doom past floor 10.
Also it’s not confusing in how to play for the best result, just defeat the enemy. Most players in my Guild have had their fill already and the first week isn’t past yet. We all agreed that next time Doom comes up we won’t be playing it.

And for all those who want to see GW go, remember it was the first event where guilds could compete against each other and why many of us joined the game.
Me (and 90% of my Guild) would like to see the devs making it possible for a guild to make the choice which event they want to play a given week.

The Tower of Doom doesn’t have to be this big gem spend. Based on quick and conservative napkin math and my guild room rewards, playing just the free sigils and skipping all the single stat boons would get one up to floor 15, 17 if picking up haste rooms (bonus Valraven chances). And that’s not even counting the fireball/heroism scrolls. Just to compare - one would have to buy 6 tiers for 1350 gems if they were just clearing all rooms in a row. So it heavily depends on guild collaboration. It only takes a couple of people to explore so the rest don’t have to, much.

Personally, I enjoyed the event a lot. I got the doom weapon. That’s 500 gems, out of which a guild can provide 390. It was enough for the entire tower and a handful of ultimate dooms afterwards. It’s not needed - a guild can get away with far less.

The rewards for it all are 10 gem/event keys, 55 gems, 1 vault key, 4 chaos orbs and 1 major chaos orb.
Even a more casual guild could clear 9-10 floors each and get all but last two rewards. It’s up to each guild to pick where they draw the line.

I personally like The Tower of Doom, but there needs to be better rewards and you should be able to max the poor Doom weapon when you reach the final floor. I still think GW is the best mode, but Doom is my second favorite. I dislike delves for the the amount of rooms and time it takes to complete and really disappointed Dragon’s eye was nerfed to make this event even longer now. I have no real opinion on Raids and Delves wouldn’t complain if they disappeared.

This week is the one single chance to obtain it F2P without spending money though. That makes it a Must Buy for most players that have been around somewhat longer, because it’s likely you’ll eventually regret not owning it. To fully unlock the weapon you need to pay at least 2850 gems, which feels like well past anything players would consider reasonable.

I’ve actually enjoyed ToD event, testing my teams against high level opponents. I went to floor 52, and spent all the way up to the top tier. This is a complete one off for me though, as I cannot justify using 2000 plus gems every event (approx £50 real money?), for my guilds reward of a whopping 50 gems!

On the flip side, I have profited by over 3500 gems in the last 6 GW events. This is obviously a bit of an exception to the general populous, but from my selfish personal point of view the lack of rewards in ToD is going to make me really think hard about how I play this game going forwards.

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@Fourdottwoone: The weapon was craftable as well for 2000 jewels and 800 diamonds IIRC. One week window to get it, but it will probably be back for next blue ToD, so a while. Now, is the expectation to get that fully upgraded on day 1? Plenty of forever goals in the game. Zuul’whoever, lvl500 delves with faction teams, etc. And, is the weapon really that good? Especially, the upgrades? Final one seems like it blasts the 4 matches the weapon would make same way a Flammifier does, that’s just asking for trouble.

@shadyady360: Placement rewards are icing on cake, at best. Better just enjoy the cake (events) itself. No mode where one can outspend others will ever be ‘profitable’. Top place GW is the 0.001% exception.

Really though, the game throws 390 of it’s premium currency a week at guild players, at least 150 extra from daily tasks/weekly events, even more so from kingdom tributes. All rewards can be reached with full guild spending 100 gems in the shop. So those 10/25/50 gems for placement? I’m gonna take them as a pat on the back and not complain I’m being robbed of actual money :slight_smile:

It’s unlikely to be back, the database already contains the next blue Doom weapon, for the next blue Tower of Doom in half a year. If you want to go the crafting route you need to cough up those 2000 jewels and 800 diamonds each four weeks, which puts a serious dent into any plans to eventually craft a mythic.

No, my expectation is to be able to fully upgrade weapons. The next blue Tower of Doom event will require another 55 Ice Forge Scrolls to get there, in addition to the Ice Forge Scrolls I’m currently missing due to paying less than 2850 gems. And the backlog will keep getting bigger every four weeks.

The upgrades that add random behavior are terrible, when I buy them I’m going to wish whoever approved such an utterly awful design idea gets beaten to death with a blunt keyboard. There isn’t really the option of not buying them, high kingdom progression is locked behind a pile of fully upgraded weapons.

I agree that 2000 jewels every 4 months is harsh. 500 gems isn’t and gives 32 scrolls, so halfway upgraded weapon or half fully upgraded ones. Again, kingdom leveling is a forever goal. Currently Dhrak-Zum is the lowest power level kingdom in game. It will need to get 1 more weapon, 3 pets (2 at level 20), and 17 (!) more troops before 8 weapon upgrade is even a consideration. Give it a year or two. See if it still matters :slight_smile:

It doesn’t give you 32 scrolls, it gives you 7 scrolls. The other 25 scrolls you get for sinking several hours into the event, provided you are strong enough to win the fights and your guild is coordinated enough to map out the path. So let me spell this out once more, for the devs to read and add to the blacklisted Q&A topics :

Each Tower of Doom event is centered around a new, unique weapon requiring an upgrade resource not obtainable otherwise. My expectation is to be able to reasonably complete this event, meaning fully upgrading the grand prize, the unique weapon designed as exclusive carrot for this one specific event run only, never to be repeated. 2850 gems plus a huge amount of coordination not supported by the game isn’t even remotely reasonable.

500 gems would already have been a hefty price tag, more for those who can’t beat the first 25 tower levels. 2850 gems makes me wonder if the next patch will make us pay gems for roster slots to store collection troops in, to prevent them from getting auto disenchanted.