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Games Force Check Pet Rescue

Since Pet Rescue’s only last an hour, starting them as soon as possible is a must.

Multiple times now I have checked games to see if a Pet Rescue was available and left when It shows that one isn’t only to find out half an hour or so later that there was a pet rescue active and I now only have 4 minutes or so to complete it.

Could you please force a check to see if an animal rescue is available whenever you go to the games list?


You must play a battle to trigger pet notification, and that is by design.

Then the design is senseless.


This is one of the few cases where I would not discourage a blocking popup dialog in the middle of a match. Of course with an option to disable thhat for those who don’t care. I would though.

This is nonsense. I shouldn’t have to play an Explore game to access a time-limited event when it should trigger automatically at the end of whatever I’m doing or just pop up if I’m idling at the main menu.


Now that I think about it, doesn’t the game also announce a pet rescue event if you restart it? I know I got about seven or eight notifications to go rescue Lucky, despite having done so within the first hour.


Yes, restarting game or playing a match will trigger pet rescue.

@Cyrup this working as designed of yours not too popular


When i was told that this is how it works i thought…
is it the way its supposed to be
just dont want to fix it

Its just silly or sloppy