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Pet rescue timer for PS4/XBOX

How about a pet rescue timer, that is visible, on Console?

You can see it when you click game menu
You need to scroll on the right


But i agree when you log in it would be nice to see how many time remaining on the pop up

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I think a timer inside the Pet Rescue menu would be appropriate across ALL platforms. Just a nice QoL improvement.


My timer, during a pet rescue, reads X days Y hours if that is what you are referring to. I am meaning a 1 hour timer, other then when you log out and log back in. I have logged out, after completing a rescue, and logged back in to have the game tell me about the rescue that I have already done, with a time left.

Seems to me like the timer is in place but not easily accessible or visible. QoL for sure!

I will check this out and edit this if indeed I am mistaken.

Weird my timer is ok when the event start

I will look again on the next rescue. Maybe I am not looking after the start.

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Look like they listened we now can see the timer when the rescue pet pop up appear

I don’t think you were paying attention. I’m pretty sure its always been there.


80% sure it wasn’t there this morning

100% sure it was. For example when I was having my breakfast this morning I signed in and noticed I had 11 minutes to rescue some chap that doesn’t know to stay out of danger. Completed the 8 battles, collected rewards, and checked the timer… 6 minutes remaining. :grin:

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Well when i connected this morning with 2 min left i didin’t see it but maybe i was just not totally awake lol

Edit: i dropped the % lol